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2 thoughts on “Linkage

  1. Scott, was just looking around and found you. I was the crew and Captain on Baruna after Bob Watt.
    Loved reading old stories.
    I read about your dad passing,glad you were able to connect with him the last years.
    What became of Donna?
    Bob Watt is in Bass Lake.
    I live in Florida as a Yacht Captain.

    • Hey Tim!

      By golly, the Internet is an amazing place to reconnect with folks, isn’t it? I was working on the story of my daddy’s life (what I know of it) last year, putting it on my blog so folks could read it, and I got somewhat side-tracked. Turns out – my wife and I are moving to CA (back to CA) this weekend. We’ll be moving in with my mom to help take care of her in her “Sunset” years. My dad’s third wife Donna is still in CA I believe, down Oceanside way or so. She’s on Facebook, along with my two youngest 1/2 sisters (Simmone and Dominique). They both have quite some interesting lives – my daddy would be proud of them both I’m sure.

      Too cool that you’re still working in the Yachting business. Last time we were in LA we looked up Baruna, she’s for sale (still) in Marina Del Rey. Price has been reduced over the years to where she’s nearly a steal now! I remember well the times we went out on charters on Baruna. Those times as a young kid with my dad on his boats are some of the most precious memories I have and I thought it would be good to share them. Glad to hear about Bob too. He’s still in Bass Lake? Dang – he’s been there for over 30 years or so now. How time flies. I’ll have to try and look him up if we can get up that way.

      Better be off now and finish packing! Blessings!

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