Finding Habitable Alien Worlds

Artists Depiction of Alien World

Science is finally catching up with the Bible (again) and realizing just how special this planet is (what creationists have been saying for many years). It’s not just “Two factors” (as Carl Sagan famously proclaimed) that determine whether a planet can likely host life, it’s a combination of MANY factors, most of which are little understood.

The linked article proposes (much to Al Gore’s chagrin) that a “Balance” of greenhouse gases is necessary in order for there to be some form of energy retention in the atmosphere. But too much, and the ice will not just melt into oceans, it will evaporate away!

My take on that: Our understanding is still very poor as to how all the factors work together. We only know that in certain cases, like our earth, there is a balance, not just of atmospheric gases, but in the tilt of the earth, the moon, the tides, the molten liquid core providing heat to the oceans, and so on.

“The finding suggests the number of potentially habitable planets and moons may be less than previously estimated, especially for small icy planets and icy moons,” Yang told

I would say far less.


3 thoughts on “Finding Habitable Alien Worlds

  1. An article I found this morning that links in a lot of the “Creationist” POV on this stuff. There are currently at least 200 factors known that all must be “Just right” or in a particular range in order for there to be the possibility of life.

    If you consider them all as degrees of freedom, that’s how they come up with the possibility of life being far less (1 x 10^200, or 10, followed by 200 zeroes) as opposed to what Mr. Sagan proposed back in the 1960’s. He said there are upwards of 1 x 10^27 planets, and that since you only needed two factors to support life (right type of star, and right distance from the sun), that there would be at least 1 x 10^24 potentially habitable planets.

    I won’t bore you with any other details, read the article if you are interested in understanding why earth is so special, and by extension, human beings are special (made in God’s image).

    • I like his (Dr. Hugh Ross) list, in the article:

      In it he covers things such as magnetic fields, and molten core, but he doesn’t explain how they are formed, or that many planets just don’t have either. So, in reality, add two more factors. They both must exist, and they must be in the right range. You could extrapolate backwards from those as well. In order for them to exist, e.g., in the case of the magnetic field, not only must the core be nickel/iron in the proper proportions, but it must be of the correct mass in order to stay molten and not get too hot and not cool down. He simply says the core must have the “Right characteristics” which really means you could pick it apart into about 10 factors probably!

      Yes, a shame that most folks won’t “See” this, as just in the case of the gospel, their eyes are blinded by the enemy. But, we keep preaching the gospel, and as folks get saved, they’ll come to understand and embrace this too. I was raised strictly non-Christian. I grew up believing that evolution was truth, fact, whatever. I was only a Christian about a year when that started being blown apart! Now, I believe that God made the world and all that is in it, not only because the Bible says so, but because I KNOW He can!

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