Refreshing In The Lord

Last week at our Mini-church / Bible Study, we were discussing the question of “Refreshing in the Lord”. What exactly does that mean? There are probably some decent denotative descriptions, such as “Filling with the Holy Spirt for purposes of revitalizing one’s faith” or some such. That didn’t do much for me though.

I related a story that Corrie Ten Boom told in her “The Hiding Place” book. She told how while she was a prisoner in a work camp in NAZI Germany during WWII, she was forced to work long hours, with few breaks, little food, and absolutely awful living conditions. Prisoners were stacked 6 or 8 to a bunk, with little warmth, primarily only body heat with one another during winter, and shared blankets, as well there were lice and fleas and other such pests, and disease, sickness, and death ever present.

But she says that she and her sister had smuggled in a small Bible, that at night, they would take and read by candlelight in their barracks. As soon as the women huddled around and opened the book and began to read, she said, they would no longer be in the pit of despair, in fact their surroundings seemed to fade away she said, and they were transported to another place.

THAT is refreshing I told our Bible Study group.


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