It’s Going To Hurt; It Was Designed To Hurt

The CBO, apparently, published an analysis that says that 32 Million folks will “Lose Healthcare coverage” if the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) is repealed. What a bunch of hooey!

FoxNews Article Link

My comments:

Absolutely, 100%, totally and completely the biggest bunch of bunk and bogus “Fake” news there is on the planet right now is this report from the CBO that 32 MILLION would lose their healthcare if the ACA were repealed right now. That is so ludicrous as to be just pure fantasy!

There are many who are receiving subsidies for healthcare that probably don’t even need them. Look at all the Food Stamp and Medicare fraud that has been exposed in just the past 6 months! Then, there is the fact that if we get RID of the ACA, the healthcare companies can turn around and offer “No frills” policies (policies that aren’t regulated by the government and force folks to pay for abortions and contraceptives and mammograms – even though they are male, and for females to pay for prostate cancer drugs and so forth and so on. Life could be so much simpler if we just kept the cotton pickin’ government out of things!

Those folks would NOT lose their policies overnight either. Anyhow, I’m sure the number is far less, like perhaps even just 1/4 of the number quoted by the CBO, since people will react and take appropriate measures as they can and as they will, and most of them will be covered with something in the very near future.

Nobody ever said that it would be “Clean” to dismantle the ACA. In fact, that was the intent when they installed it – was so that it would CAUSE DISASTER to try to undo it! You don’t think putting the IRS in charge of regulating Healthcare in America was a rotten and stupid and disgraceful idea to begin with? If you don’t, I feel very sorry for you. I will pray for you.


My position to the President, and to Congress is simple and has been since day 1. We can do so much better than the ACA. We don’t need “Government intrusion” into the Healthcare industry to this extent. What we need is to put the power, real power for real healthcare decisions back in the hands of the patient and the doctors. This requires some simple mechanical changes in the laws already in place for the most part. Dr. Ben Carson did an analysis on this and came up with a very good plan I thought.

Dr. Ben Carson’s Obamacare Replacement

I have lately urged the President and Congress to simply repeal Obamacare, since we can no longer afford the damage it is doing to our systems. Now there is talk of a “Healthcare bailout”. What a boondoggle was foisted on the American people! Rise up folks! Write letters, send emails, make phone calls. Tell your representatives this thing must go!

The total number of folks who have “Gained” insurance as a result of the ACA is actually about (maybe) 5-7 million. That’s been published by many folks, through various means of analysis.

Here’s a great analysis I used recently that is very thorough, and authoritative, using the government’s own data.

American Action Forum Article Link

The author’s conclusion is that (as of Jan., 2017) 13-14 million would likely be negatively affected by repeal of ACA. The actual number who would completely “Lose” coverage, is likely far lower.


2 thoughts on “It’s Going To Hurt; It Was Designed To Hurt

  1. It’s amazing that many who promised to repeal the ACA are now balking. Repealing the ACA is the right thing to do and must be done. Bad politics is the only thing keeping it alive.

    • Yep. Too much compromise, too many posturing, worrying about “Looking bad” or getting folks “Mad” at them. Those of us conservatives who got most of those people elected are sitting here screaming for relief from the disaster that was the ACA!

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