Why We Went Back To Netflix

We signed up for Netflix again – despite the fact that 10 years ago we left and I swore we’d never be back. I changed my mind due to the fact that we were AT&T UVerse subscribers, but there was absolute CRUD on TV, with way too many commercials, and zero movies we wanted to watch. We like TCM, Hallmark and the Hallmark Movie Channel, but you have to have like a $119/month plan (we were paying $90/mo already) to get all 3 channels (Hallmark, Hallmark Movies, and TCM). That’s just plain ridiculous.

We don’t get very many Hallmark movies on Netflix, but thankfully, there’s enough decent family shows that it won’t matter – for awhile. There’s not a lot of recent movies, I seem to remember they rotate through recent movies, but they don’t have old ones either (like Avatar, and many other “Classics”). I have Vudu, with digital copies of many of the recent movies, so I don’t really care (not much yet anyhow), but I thought Netflix would have more. They advertise they have over 100k movies. I went and looked up Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”, and it’s not there either. What the heck?

But they did have Rear Window. Why don’t they just have a complete selection of classics? That’s one reason I might be inclined to not stick around after we go thru most of the run-of-the-mill stuff. I looked at Hulu today, it seems to be primarily TV. We, in general, hate most of the crud on TV. We don’t watch the News, or any of the Zombie stuff, or the other stuff that’s all rated TV-MA, or sports. Junk, pure junk. All that stuff is just modern soap-opera (except sports, but we gave up on sports a long time ago too, waste of time). Including the “Game of Thrones” which to me is the same thing. At some point, all the shows stop being about action, or pursuit of knowledge, or science, or whatever, and just become soap operas.

One notable exception is “The Crown” that we are watching now. Great stuff so far, but we’ve only seen the first couple episodes… We love old TV, including Gunsmoke, MASH, and “I Love Lucy”. You can never watch too much Lucy, eh? Netflix has the “Dick Van Dyke Show” – but “I Love Lucy” is available on DVD only. That’s silly… We may not last long with Netflix this time around either. We will have to see!


2 thoughts on “Why We Went Back To Netflix

    • It’s like most stuff these days, some good, some bad. Cheryl started to watch one thing that just made her stomach turn, she just had to turn it off. Reminded her of us walking out of several movies, some are just so bad, so filled with garbage, it makes your stomach turn…

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