He Sent His Very Best

I come back to this almost every day. We are NOT, as Christians, to get so wrapped up in the world that we forget where we are going. I told our daughter just today that we cannot (can never) resolve the past fully; that we can only make some sense from it, and learn the lessons there in order to go forward. But Jesus, He is our GOAL, and He is our PRIZE!

Some would probably ask then why I post so much political stuff? The answer is because it MATTERS. There is a WAR going on in our world, a war for the hearts and minds of both believers and unbelievers. The war is played out inside the hearts of every single one of us, unseen, but definitely perceived!

We each of us must deal each day with the tension between our faith (or lack of faith) and what we see in the world around us. Many of the issues boil down, clearly to me (experience), as being a conflict between world views. There are two basic world views in this battle: That of a loving God who sent His Son to die for us on a cruel Roman cross at Calvary, in order to reconcile us to Himself (the biblical world view), and the world’s view that we are here by accident and “Anything goes”. The biblical world view asserts that God has not been “Distant” and uncaring (aloof, capricious), but rather He has been intimately involved with His creation since the Fall. Whether you believe the “Fall of man” to be a literal story (I do) or whether you see it as an allegorical tale makes no difference in the end. We sinned, and sin has been our default condition ever since.

Man’s tendency towards selfishness and self-centeredness is the essence of what sin really is: Rebellion against God. The temptation that Adam and Eve fell victim to in the garden was not to “Be like God – knowing good and evil” but “To BE God, deciding for themselves what was right and wrong.” This is the pervasive nature of sin that folks are still carrying on today, they want to decide for themselves what is right and wrong. And yet, they just don’t get it, building your own framework of morality is never a good thing, because anybody and everybody will then “Decide for themselves” what is right and wrong, leading ultimately to the chaotic condition of “Might makes right”.

That is the REAL battle we, as Christians, are facing every single day. It is cruel irony then that this world hates God, hates Jesus, and wants nothing to do with Christianity since faith in Jesus is our only hope for escape from a cruel and painful death (spiritual death) forever separated from God and hope in a place the Bible calls Hell.

Don’t ever argue that God doesn’t care. He cared enough to send His very best, His Son to die in our place and take our punishment (that we deserve).


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