VA Firings – Beginning of the End?

It was announced yesterday that President Trump’s administration had fired more than 500 Veteran’s Administration employees, and suspended another 200. This is good news for many who believe that the system is a typical bureaucratic mess, serving – only itself.

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My comments:

The VA compares well when stood up against, let’s say, the Postal Service, or the DMV, right?

Seriously though. I tell everyone that my wife Cheryl is being treated in the VA Healthcare system, and it’s not all bad, not by any means. What you have though, is a typical bureaucratic mess. The bureaucrats run the system. Doctors, the actual bosses, those who should be in charge, are all contractors hired through outside hospitals and agencies. At least, most of them are. The admins and nurses are almost all f/t employees, and that’s part of the problem. Probably the major source of it.

It’s healthcare, run mainly by non-healthcare professionals. An administrator is not now nor never will be a “Healthcare professional” in any book! So, it’s a typical, if not worse, government bureaucracy, run with lots of red tape, for the benefit of … I would have to say – the admins themselves, since they are the only ones “Graded” on performance. The patients? They hardly matter in the system, but if you have an advocate (my wife has had me by her side for the past 2.5 years going through Cancer treatment in the VA Healthcare system) then you can navigate the system pretty well. Though at times, it is very frustrating.

A recent example is typical. She had an appt. one day, it resulted in two followups. We could not schedule EITHER followup that day! We tried, but were told we HAD to call back. In fact, it took almost an hour to schedule one of those followup appts -in person!


2 thoughts on “VA Firings – Beginning of the End?

    • At some point, we have to try and be optimistic. They hired more “Advocates” at our local VA this past year. We saw one in Feb. or so, nice fellow, don’t know if it does any good. As I said, I am my wife’s advocate pretty much, another one of my roles, that I do sometimes better than others, but it’s part of what I do and why I’m going through the Cancer treatment with her.

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