Are These Death Panels?

Two articles recently in the site detail how healthcare is suffering in the wake of decisions to allow impersonal bureaucracies to make life and death decisions. I made some comments on the articles, and think those are worth sharing.

While these aren’t technically death panels, it’s what happens when insurance companies are allowed to run healthcare in a corrupt system. Our healthcare is badly broken.

Insurance Covers Assisted Suicide But Not Treatment

It is essential to note that in the case of the article above, they noted that folks were offered the equivalent of Euthanasia even when treatment was available, albeit expensive.

In the other case, a young couple in England was denied permission to take their infant son to the U.S. for treatment, in spite of the fact they had raised the support to pay for the costs!

Charlie Gard Sentenced To Death

You have to remember what a death panel is, what it represents, and why Sarah Palin coined the term and the Tea Party was so vehemently opposed to the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA). Any time there is a limited amount of resources (not enough pie to go around), and a bureaucracy is put in charge of distribution of those resources, you wind up with bureaucrats (unelected, unconcerned, uncaring persons) in charge of assigning who gets what, in this case, healthcare, resulting in who lives and who dies. In our healthcare system, most of us would rather the PATIENT MAKE THE DECISIONS as to what healthcare they get (what they can afford in light of the costs and so on).

The real damage the ACA ushered in was a removal of even that basic right from patients to determine their own healthcare decisions and put those decisions into the hands of an impersonal bureaucracy, most of whom are not even healthcare professionals. This is key to understanding of what a “Death Panel” represents.


2 thoughts on “Are These Death Panels?

  1. The Charlie Gard case sickens me. Neither the courts nor the hospital should be able to override the parent’s rights. Charlie does have U.S. citizenship now, but we’ll see if he’s granted permission by the state to make the trip.

    • Permission – denied again. The hospital claims the parents still have no rights, and they are the ones who are “Protecting his rights”. Yeah, sure. Letting the kid die, that’s protecting his rights! Most of the rest of the world doesn’t recognize “Parental rights” apparently. We are somewhat unique in that respect.

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