More Climate Change Alarmism

More climate change alarmism. Again – from National Geographic. They are saying that by the year 2100, Deadly Heat May Threaten Majority of Humankind! Oh my! The sky is falling!

But it’s OK, since Stephen Hawking says we only have 100 years left on this planet anyways (that would leave this planet, apparently, uninhabitable by the year 2017). I explained to folks that he is just agreeing with what the Bible has been saying for thousands of years.

And I read another article on National Geographic a while back that talked about “Causes” of extinction of animal species and listed Global Warming as a leading cause. It then went on to say that Volcanoes cause global warming events, when in reality that defies all anecdotal (observed) evidence from the past 500 years or so!

I sent my comment to them on that article, along with the evidence about eruptions such as Krakatoa in 1883, and another event (probably a double event) from the year 1816 that was dubbed “The Year Without A Summer” due to volcanic eruptions in the Dutch East Indies and the Philippines.

Year without a Summer

So, any fool can make a prediction. Like Al gore’s prediction that the polar ice caps “May” melt in 5 years (he made that prediction in 2007) and the ice is still here 10 years later, though less than it was. It was lowest in 2012, as a matter of fact. Today’s analysis shows that it is higher than in that year (year over year comparison). And we’re talking – there are still MILLIONS of square kilometers of ice out there! At its lowest point, it is predicted that this year there will still be roughly 4 million square kilometers (in September) or more ice in the Arctic region.

My own personal belief is that there are factors, unknown, or untested, not that they haven’t been proposed, that are causing warming of ocean temperatures, leading to less ice. But, those factors are likely cyclical. For instance, volcanic activity at the bottom of the ocean. Scientists from NOAA have told me that the ocean’s temperature is increasing near the bottom. Well, I told them, since warm water cannot “Sink” and there is also a Thermocline (a steep temperature gradient in a body of water such as a lake, marked by a layer above and below which the water is at different temperatures) where there is little mixing of the relatively warm upper layers (the surface) and the relatively colder or lower depths of the ocean, you would expect that the temperature rise must be cause by something other than the atmosphere (the air) – right? So, obviously, you gotta have another reason besides CO2! Duh!

We are listening for their new reasons though. Really – we are listening!


2 thoughts on “More Climate Change Alarmism

  1. Climate change is one topic that will never go away, no matter how wrong its advocates are. Climate change is purely political, and that’s why we’ll always have to contend with it in one form or another.

    • Yeah, too many large stakeholders involved in it for them to let it slip beneath the waves so to speak. It represents some 10’s of $TRILLIONS$ as well, which makes it one of the largest prizes on the planet currently, that is up for grabs internationally anyhow.

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