Groot’s New Word

I have made a lot of fun of this lately. It appears that when the President, either mistakenly, or on purpose as some of us believe, tweeted a late night sentence with the words: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”, that the liberal media went nuts, progressives started a literal firestorm of criticism and blame and the Internet erupted in an exorbitant amount of discussion over what the President meant, or could have meant, or the mistaken word, or what not.

I personally believe that the President tweeted the now famous word purposely, to demonstrate how easily the liberals are side-tracked with useless chasing of their own tails. They have made (and continue to make) much ado about nothing as William Shakespeare once wrote. Why they are so easily distracted is the precise point the President was making: They don’t care about “Issues” they only care about their own “Spin” and how they can turn any situation into an opportunity to bash conservatives and everything they stand for.

I believe further, and this is borne out by anecdotal evidence, that liberals no longer think. Some years back when Evan Sayet made his famous presentation to The Heritage Foundation in a talk titled “Regurgitating the Apple; How Modern Liberals Think“, he proved pretty much that modern liberals no longer think, but merely gainsay or take the opposite position of anything conservative. His reasoning was simple: If conservatives come to a position on an issue, then they must have used reason, and reason means discriminating between right and wrong or using some “Criteria” as the discriminating factor in coming to that decision, therefore, the decision is discriminatory, and is wrong from a liberal point of view. not only is that irrational, it’s downright dangerous!

To think that liberals are running around taking up opposing views, and these days, violently taking up opposing viewpoints, they are attempting to prove that using any form of reason to base a decision is wrong! Now, how can that possibly be true? If I use no reason at all, then I am, in a sense, relying on chaos, or the “Whims of the Universe” to order my life. How can that in any way be a good thing? It’s an outgrowth of post-modern pluralism, or the notion that all beliefs are the same. Your truth is your truth, and it’s true for you, and my truth is my truth and it’s true for me, and both are equally true. That’s absurd!

Truth, if such a thing exists, cannot be subjective, nor can it be relative. If truth exists, then obviously, truth is truth for you and for me, and it’s the same truth – no matter what! There cannot possibly be something that is true for you, and not for me, and be called “Truth”. The very definition of truth implies that if something is true, then it is universally true. Thus, relativism, or pluralism, as is practiced in our western culture is flawed. This becomes obvious when you note that progressives and liberals claim that all truth is relative and yet they attack conservatism as if it is somehow not true or less than their truth.

Truth is a concept that has been well studied and is documented quite well. In our day and time when mass media seek to subvert truth in order to perpetuate political views, it would seem that they themselves are the ones denying truth, or their listener’s and reader’s right to know the truth. If you’ve read any of my writings and don’t think what my beliefs are about the liberal media, then I invite you to read further on the subject. For now, suffice it to say that we accept there is truth, and that the liberal media spreads stuff that is not truth. Thus, the huge eruption this past year over so-called “Fake news”. You must also understand that those who cry loudest about fake news are the primary spreaders of such, and / or the primary benefactors of such, i.e., the liberals themselves.

Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels said it first, most likely, that if you repeat a lie often enough then people will believe it. Today’s media is merely taking that to the next level with the ability to refine an idea and drum it into people’s heads over and over such that the believe it. Another of my personal beliefs is that our education system has been dumbed down to the point where most of our young people are not taught to think, or question what they are told. This further cements the liberal position in that the mass of people who listen to the mass media will simply take whatever they are told as “Truth” and will not question it.

America stands on very shaky ground. The foundation of our society, truth and moral values, are crumbling around us, and very few even notice the damage being done. Even fewer are speaking up about it and trying to warn folks.

You are warned!


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