Shifting Sands of Time

My response to an article on The Weather Channel.

Of course you know the gist of this is that “Rising sea levels are going to doom the planet!” When in reality, the beaches in Santa Monica Bay (as well as other places) have never been static. The piers in the Santa Monica Bay have all received major damage from storms over the past century, as well as a harbor they constructed in Santa Monica didn’t even survive the shifting sands.

Years ago they brought in whole boat loads (barge loads probably) of sand from Hawaii, because it’s just impossible to keep it in one place! There are jetties all up and down the bay to try and keep some sand from moving. To think that beaches are “Static” and unchanging is simply naive, or they are purposely misrepresenting natural forces to make their Chicken Little argument sound more plausible. Which do you think?

Weather Channel Video Article


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