Tesla Hyperloop Test Track

So my daughter Talya and I went by SpaceX (in Hawthorne) last night, I wanted to show her the rocket out front of the facility. We went down Jack Northrup Rd. there by the Hawthorne Airport, and they had a mockup of the Hyperloop system setup as well. It was a test track of sorts, consisting of about 500′ of straight track, probably all setup internally just like their proposal. Interesting I told Tally, I applied with them to work on their Hyperloop system, since I worked as an engineer for several years with a company in Denver that did Pneumatic Tube Systems (and has done since the 1970’s, and actually much further back than that, if you trace the company’s origins, and tube systems themselves date back to about the 1860’s) in hospitals.

Tesla / Hyperloop never called me back. They don’t want old engineers anymore, in spite of what we may know, the pitfalls we’ve already overcome, and the ability to help them debug and troubleshoot their systems I told Tally. They want those young and bright college grads (who they can work 80-100 hrs per week) who will simply brute force it and make it work – as Elon Musk seems to like – in spite of the fact that of the 12 or so major subsystems involved in this thing, if any one of them fails the person(s) inside the tube will most likely die. Look what happened in China when a Magnalev train failed, the train literally came apart.

I’m not saying it cannot be built, I’m saying they should have respect for people that have dealt with (very similar) critical systems, where, when things fail, people die. Those tube systems in hospitals I used to work on? When they failed, people died too. They were “Critical systems” that required gobs of testing, and engineers to be available 24/7 to fix issues that came up.


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