Rivers In The Air


Much is being made in the news lately about “Atmospheric Rivers”. Are they caused by “Climate Change” or “Climate Cycling” is my only question? Here’s what I posted earlier on FB.

The picture shows some kids playing on the snow pile in the center of “The Village” at Mammoth Mountain. According to my sister Toni, she was there last week, she said there are so many piles of snow around town, they have nowhere else to put it! There are tunnels all through town, to and from houses from the street, and driving down streets feels a bit like driving through tunnels also she said. I’ve seen this pile in the village square disappear several times this year, but this time it’s not going away, so the kids are taking advantage of it and using it for a playground.

I saw an article today that described this year’s snow / precipitation in CA as “Historic”. Obviously… Back in 1868/69 there was this much precipitation and it flooded 300sq mi of the San Joaquin including Sacramento and much of the south end of the Central Valley. I’ve seen evidence of the flooding in Sacramento. The “Old City” was flooded out several times before they build dams and levees to prevent such from (hopefully) happening again.


200 Year Storm

Hundreds Rescued From California Floods

My comment I left on that last article:

In the first place, I keep telling folks this is no surprise. Many millions of Christians have been praying for a long time for rain to come and end the drought here in this state, and God has now delivered! The interesting fact that news sites and liberals are calling this a year of “Biblical flooding” and disaster is proof that God exists and that he answers prayer!

And secondly, you don’t have to look very far back in history to see that California has this cycle of drought / major precipitation. It’s almost like there are two climates here at work and they alternate on some sort of cycle – we just haven’t figured out what kind of cycle yet. Liberals want to call it “Man made”, partly to give themselves power and take it away from God, and mostly so they can control the weak-minded and force them to pay $TRILLIONS$ for useless “Carbon credits” and energy taxes and so on. All that money just goes right into the politician’s pockets so they can spend it on … you guessed it, their favorite thing – themselves.

One thing I am certain, is that climate follows some sort of cycle, it’s not static. If it were static, I would get worried! But it follows some sort of natural cycle, the cause of which remains elusive. Nobody has checked on whether the moon, being in its closest proximity to earth is having any effect on the core (which is liquid) and subject to extra tidal pulling just like the oceans. Perhaps that is the source of the warming near the ocean floor, and the increase in volcanic activity worldwide in the past few years. It’s a theory, and as deserving of testing as their stupid “CO2 is the culprit” theory.


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