Snowiest Month – EVER!


OK – so here it is. It’s officially the “Snowiest month” in the history of recording snowfall at Mammoth Mountain.

Here’s the quote from their snow information page:

“With 217″ inches of snowfall at Main Lodge and counting, January is officially our SNOWIEST MONTH IN HISTORY! Heavy snowfall and high winds are expected throughout the day and resort operations will be impacted. For live operational info, check the Lift Status page. ALL LIFTS CLOSED FOR THE DAY DUE TO THE STORM.”

In case anyone is wondering, I post all this stuff for a couple reasons.

1. I believe God is answering the prayers of the faithful and is breaking the drought here in CA.
2. I believe that there is absolutely “Climate Change” but that it is natural, and variable, and that we have seen so little of it that it is ARROGANT and STUPID of folks to claim that humans have caused so-called global climate change.
3. It’s fun!
4. I believe absolutely as well that we have caused damage to environments, and that there may be other factors, as yet unknown, that are contributing to global climate variation.
5. One of those factors that I believe nobody has paid enough attention to is the moon. Right now the moon is in a period or cycle when it is closer to the earth than usual. This leads to unusual effects on tides, and my guess is that it’s exerting a stronger pull on the core (which is liquid as well) and is causing more volcanic activity than “Normal” thus warming the oceans at the bottom, esp. in those places we call “Rifts”.

Anyhow, I am just trying to also show that me, a scientist, albeit a computer scientist, does not agree with the supposed “97% of all scientists” who think that humans have caused so-called global climate change.


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