Thoughts On Inauguration Day – 2017


In the beginning of O’s presidency, as was my custom with the president prior to him, I sent a lot of email to the White House. I used the “Direct line” because I felt it was important to “Be involved”. As things went during that first year, it quickly became obvious they could care less what the average Joe American thought or felt on issues. That he had become some kind of despot was obvious to most of us, and that he felt himself to be “Above the law” or a “Law unto himself” got clearer too as time went on.

I was discouraged, badly so in 2010, as I was unemployed, and basically my wife and I lost everything due to the subprime crisis. But, we moved in with my mom in late 2010 and I came back to California, where I grew up, and where, when I left, I swore I would NEVER come back.

Coming back as a Christian, however, changed everything. I had a new perspective, and a new set of values and so traveled in a different circle of people. We quickly met like-minded Christians, conservatives, and got involved in a new church, in politics, the Tea Party and Pro-life organizations. We started attending Hope Chapel just a couple months after getting here (in Mar. 2011) and very soon after that (2 months) I got a job from someone I met at Hope Chapel. I worked at that job for 4 years and did some of the best work in my (30 year) career. I stayed with that job, pretty much the last job in my Software Engineering career, until my wife Cheryl was diagnosed with Cancer in Feb. 2015, a few weeks after my mother passed away.

Now the Lord has restored all those material things we lost, when we left Colorado back in 2010. He’s given us a wonderful new life, a wonderful new church and a church family that is just amazing. I don’t claim to be a saint, or anything like it, and I certainly am not very good at anything inside the church, I just show up and try to help others learn, grow and study God’s Word as we do this thing called “Life” together.

I agree fully that the only hope for our nation is Jesus. It’s not President Trump, and it certainly was not President Obama. There, I said it. I haven’t said his name in any way shape or form for these past few years at all. I find now that it no longer has the sting of evil about it, now that he’s gone from the White House.

This is a new day in America. I pray again that we can all get on our knees and pray for repentance, and that we forgive one another and start to build each other up, to unite, first as the church, and second as a nation to right the wrongs here and everywhere, to fight injustice anywhere. Because as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said so eloquently, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Inauguration Day – 2017

  1. I think one of the reasons Jesus said that we should love even those who do evil especially onto us is that in doing so we might be able get them to repent. While this doesn’t always work we are judged by what we say and do especially on response to what others may do to or say about us.

    • Quite true. The world is always watching us Christians to see if our walk lines up with what we say we believe.

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