Two Pictures




I just have to end 2016 with the biggest story of hypocrisy you’ve ever seen or heard of. There were two pictures this year that made everyone, esp. the liberal minded among us, react with vehemence, in fact, almost violently.

The first picture, was a picture of a small boy, a “Syrian” refugee whose boat capsized and parents lost him so he drowned and wound up on the shore of some beach somewhere. Now I mean no disrespect, and admittedly it’s a tragedy and all, but the response of the media was immediate and way out of proportion to all reality. The story was a mainstream media (MSM) headline for days, as the European refugee crisis began to take on a whole life of its own in the media.

The second incident was when David Daleiden published videos showing dead baby body parts being sold by Planned Parenthood to various organizations including universities and labs across the country. The video was real, although the inset pieces he used were admittedly added in later (although quite real as well, just not actually associated with the incidents he was filming).

The reaction of the liberal MSM and the liberal left was alarming to say the least. They denigrated Mr. Daleiden and called him every name in the book, and then said all his videos were faked, with liberal politicians even stooping to the level of filing criminal charges against him for fraud, conspiracy and such. All charges were later dropped, and the investigations in Congress have now yielded criminal charge recommendations against Planned Parenthood and some of the entities who “Paid” for dead baby body parts for “Research”.

This to me is a very valuable lesson about the “Responsiveness” of our media and our popular culture to issues. It would appear that the MSM attempts to “Stoke” the responses by priming the pump with a slanted appeal to left-leaning values and then later covering up any trace of the story by pretending that the issues are resolved. I hope and pray it’s a valuable lesson for the reader as well.


One thought on “Two Pictures

  1. It’s shameful that few in the media are willing to provide objective journalism, but would rather shape the news and public opinion. But very thankful for the outcome of the Daleiden case.

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