Stabbing Israel In The Back


Not only has the current guy in the White House proved he is “Un-American”, he has also proved he is antisemitic by having our UN Security Council Rep. not vote (abstain) from the historic sanction of Israel originally sponsored by Egypt. If you voted for this man, you should be ashamed!

We, the U.S., as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, have the power to veto any bills sponsored by any other member (permanent or non, as in the case of Egypt and others).

We need to PRAY people! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! This dastardly 11th hour attack on Israel by our OWN president could spell massive chaos and bloodshed in the middle east by destabilizing our strongest ally in the region. Everything that man has done, I say it again – EVERYTHING – that man has done these past 8 years has led to this final act of treachery!

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One thought on “Stabbing Israel In The Back

  1. It’s amazing that he can get away with antisemetic acts like this. But it doesn’t surprise me. That’s who he is. What’s just as bad is the people who give him their approval.

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