Sharing Your Faith With Millennials

Millennials in a meeting

Millennials in a meeting

So I was reading something about sharing the gospel with “Millennials” and I thought I would find out what others think. This article is concise and to the point, I like his style. He’s left out a couple huge pieces though, at least to my way of thinking.

Talking About Jesus with America’s Least Religious Generation

My thoughts:

So, in sharing my faith every week with millennials on college campuses, I have found first and foremost that I am inadequate to the task of converting anyone, it’s not we who convert people, it’s the Holy Spirit! As soon as I forget that, it’s just a debate and nothing else.

Secondly, I try not to preach at folks, always being the first to admit that I am a sinner and that I need a Savior. The truth is that I sin each and every day, and am never going to be perfect this side of Heaven. Jesus died for me, he died for all of us! And thirdly, the “Peripheral” issues the author mentions all center around folks wanting to be in charge of their own lives.

Until we surrender, until we REPENT, turn from our sins to God, and allow him to sit on the throne of our heart, we will never be true “Christ followers”. It should be obvious that you cannot “Deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow him” if you are still living for yourself. Thus, there is no magic formula for salvation, no praying a prayer and “You’re in!” or anything like that. Salvation is a free gift I tell folks, but it will cost you everything ultimately.

I did appreciate what he said about there being no “Presuppositions” about Christianity in the millennial generation. They have been taught (lied to) so many wrong teachings about life that it’s kind of like navigating a mine field sometimes. But I’ve run into older folks, those who have “Schooled themselves” on all the ways to trip up Christians who have just as many objections.

Again, as I said above, those all boil down to “Who’s in charge?” One of the premier issues in the gospel, if not the central theme of the 4 Gospel accounts in the Bible is Jesus’ authority to forgive sin and to be Lord of our lives. Is he truly the King of Kings and Lord of Lords or not? And, I agree with the author in that, as Paul said, if the resurrection never happened then forget all of it. But, if Jesus is alive, then it changes – EVERYTHING!


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