Election 2016 Result

2016 Presidential Election Results

I know this will sound odd to some, but I think the election result this week was a miracle. Many folks are angry about it, and some are out rioting and screaming in the streets again. Some of my conservative friends were so encouraged by the result, however, that they went out and waved flags on Pacific Coast Highway at midnight on Tuesday night, after Ms. Clinton conceded the result to President elect Donald Trump.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. The liberals and progressives know nothing but fear, uncertainty and doubt, because they have it preached constantly in their ears by the Mainstream Media and all the liberal / progressive leaders in Washington DC and elsewhere. Let’s take a closer look at three movements that sprang up in the past 8 years. The three we will examine are: the Tea Party, the “Occupy” movement, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

First, let us look at the Tea Party. Arguably, the modern Tea Party sprang into life as a result of policies enacted under then President George W. Bush, but the first instance of an actual “Tea Party Speech” is dated precisely to Feb. 19, 2009. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia that pretty well describes what happened:

“The movement began following Barack Obama’s first presidential inauguration (in January 2009) when his administration announced plans to give financial aid to bankrupt homeowners. Following a February 19, 2009 rant by CNBC reporter Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for a “tea party,” over fifty conservative activists agreed by conference call to coalesce against Obama’s agenda and scheduled series of protests, including the 2009 Taxpayer March on Washington.”

So, in reality, the Tea Party was formed to combat liberal policies aimed at “Bailing out” homeowners following the “Sub-prime” crisis. One must delve a bit deeper to discover the roots of the “Sub-prime” crisis, but at its core, I tell people it was a problem created by liberal policies that said “Everyone should be able to own a home” which flies in the face of logical thinking, because certainly not everyone can afford a home. Still, financial firms came under pressure to make mortgage loans to folks who did not qualify, and to give them 110-117% loans, enabling them to cover closing costs and often to get a “Bonus” for signing (cash in their pockets out of the proceeds of the loans).

The end result must be discerned from the wreckage. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were heavily involved in financing many of those loans, as well as the financial firms on Wall St., who made their money on the front end of those loans, and walked away with $Billions in profits, and those firms were never held accountable. The final injustice was to stick the taxpayers with the bill for all that wreckage (President Obama’s Administration’s stated goal in that first month of his presidency) which made conservatives bristle because the plain fact was that the entire mess was a boondoggle perpetrated by those who sought to make money from folks who had no money, at the expense of hard-working American taxpayers.

So, the Tea Party came into being. It became a symbol of the “Taxpayer’s Revolt” due to the fact that many local chapters adopted slogans such as “Taxed Enough Already” as an acronym for the “Tea” in “Tea Party”. Many decided to consider themselves patriots, having the country’s best interests as a whole in mind, rather than the illegal profiteering of a few, especially the crooked few on Wall St. who made their $Billions early on in the Sub-prime crisis and walked away with no indictments, and not even very many folks losing their jobs over the whole mess. I remember hearing the executives from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac tell the American public that “They had to stay in their jobs, who else would want to do their job?” I laughed really hard at that because there are many who would stand in line (me included) for 6 months (if necessary) to have their lucrative jobs that pay them (on average) hundreds of thousands of dollars a year (including bonuses) for packaging and selling “Mortgages” as if they were securities. That whole mess was created by those “Executives” on orders from former President Bill Clinton back in the 1990’s. Ugh!

People of all ages take part in the pledge of allegiance during the Central Valley Tea Party rally at Chukchansi Park in 2010.

But, angry as they were, Tea Party rallies were entirely peaceful, characterized by protesters camping out around Federal Buildings, or in Parks, carrying out their protests with speeches, booths giving out information from the various organizations who participated and so forth. Tea Partiers were civil, picked up their trash, sang “God Bless America” and said the “Pledge of Allegiance” at every rally, every meeting and so on. They prayed for their country, and asked God to restore our country to sanity and the rule of law. Liberal policies that enacted legislation that was “Good for people” but which violated the principles of good governance and even legal practices had to be overturned if we were to have a chance at saving America.

By contrast now, let’s look at the two most prominent liberal movements that sprung up in these past 8 years: The “Occupy” movement, and the “Black Lives Matter” movement. At first, “Occupy” appeared peaceful, but it quickly devolved into a mass hippie style camp out, where nobody was accountable, and nobody was actually following any laws or procedures for lawful assembly and so on. Occupy protesters soon began to abuse civil authorities and often engaged in violent riots that turned ugly, burning and looting and destruction of property being the most common crimes, but there were rapes, assaults, and a whole host of other crimes that came along with the movement that began to unravel rather quickly.

The Occupy Oakland protesters set a fire on trash to make a barricade as the police officers form a line to disperse the protesters on November 3, 2011 in Oakland, California

The Occupy Oakland protesters set a fire on trash to make a barricade as the police officers form a line to disperse the protesters on November 3, 2011 in Oakland, California. AFP Photo/ Kimihiro Hoshino (Photo credit should read KIMIHIRO HOSHINO/AFP/Getty Images)

Occupiers, as they came to be known, were mostly young, and soon were proved to be paid by liberal activist groups. Their techniques were borrowed from the labor movements of the 1930’s and up to the modern times, where union organizers relied on bullying and violent threats to carry out their policies. It soon became apparent that the “Occupiers” were nothing more than thugs out to claim for themselves whatever they could simply state they “Deserved” from the government. Free education, free healthcare, free housing, free food, free cellphones, free birth control, you name it, they deserved it free. Soon, the logical extension applied to immigrants of all sorts, most especially illegal immigrants who began to arrive in this country by the boatload. Our borders became a joke as the Department of Justice refused to enforce border policies, or to adequately staff Border Control Law Enforcement agencies.

The word went out: President Obama is going to give “Blanket Amnesty” to aliens from anywhere, and you will get all kinds of free stuff just for coming to America! Conservatives understood this to be an act of economic war on America known as “Cloward Piven”. Here is a brief description of Cloward Piven from Wikipedia:

“The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of “a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty”. ”

The “Overloading” of the welfare system is the key. Only through such drastic measures could President Obama truly seek to enact his “Fundamental Change” of America, taking our once great country down from a nation of hard-working, self-supporting, rugged individualists, to a nation of entitlement grabbing whiny cry-baby types who sat around insisting they deserved everything for free and that the “Rich 1% should somehow pay for them!” This is nothing more than out and out socialism repackaged and sold in America as “Progressivism” and espoused by President Obama in his books and speeches. Thus, at its roots, the Occupy Movement was (and is) socialism disguised as radical progressivism with hints of globalism and narcissism thrown in for good measure. After all, if the government says I deserve all these things for free, why shouldn’t I go out and violently protest on the streets until they give it to me?

Lastly, we come to “Black Lives Matter”. I have written before that I’ve tried very hard to embrace the movement, because of course I believe that Black Lives Matter, as do all lives. I did my reading, I learned that “White Privilege” is a real thing, and I realized that they have a legitimate argument that black people do not have as much opportunity open to them in this country, not at first glance anyhow. But then, I kept coming back to examples in our leaders, men such as Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Condolezza Rice, and so on. I had to ask myself, do those people believe that black people don’t have the same opportunities or did they simply decide to ignore what others told them about “Not having opportunity” and did they then press on to their goals and even achieve those goals? I found the latter to be the case, time and time again. Our modern education system is actually tilted in favor of people of color, in fact, anybody of any race other than White/Caucasian is highly favored in our modern education system. The fact the public education system is a mess is not relevant here, because all are assumed to come through that same education system.

Texas Black Lives Matter Protesters Called for Killing of White Cops in 2015

But then, one could argue that inner-city schools have lower standards, or some such. But all the laws and such seem to point to the fact that this is nonsense at best. The difference is what’s happened to the inner-city in these past 50 years, and specifically, as Dr. Ben Carson attests, as well as others, such as Ryan Scott Bomberger, that the real reason for failure of young black people is the destruction of the black family due to the influences of the “Welfare system”. Entitlements, more than any other single factor have destroyed the black family, making black men failures before they ever even become men, leading most to lives of crime, drugs, the women into prostitution and so forth. If there’s no incentive to work and make oneself better, then why try? Why not just sit back, mooch off the system, and make life all about “Feeling good”?

Take away a person’s need for opportunity, tell them they’re better off just “Feeling good” and they will believe you (you can pacify them that way, and in fact, enslave them that way). All the while never even realizing the truth that such a lifestyle is devoid of any real hope, and denies the very basic facts of our lives that we are here to serve one another! At the core of our lives, what is it that really matters? Is it “Getting ahead” or is it having the opportunity to serve one another and find one’s place fulfilling that highest of all needs?

As a Christian, I have studied this problem, I have wrestled with it, I have thought about it for many years, trying to figure it out. Most of all, I have desired to serve our Lord in order to try to do something about it. I can only find one solution to the entire mess: Jesus. He is the only answer I know. Once Jesus gets ahold of someone, he starts to change their life from the inside out, the change slowly coalescing and forming on the outside a person who is conformed to the likeness of Christ on the inside. Jesus said: “…just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28, Mark 10:45). He even backed up what he said with an example for us all to follow in John 13 where he washed his disciple’s feet and told them they would be blessed if they (we also) followed his example.

One does not “Achieve” dreams when he is enslaved, either by chains, or by entitlements. I have made the case many times in the past that reliance on the handouts from another (or from a faceless government) is just as much enslavement as is being chained hand and foot. The person who is enslaved can easily be controlled by fear and threats of violence. The NAZI’s were experts at this, only they backed their threats with actual violence. The liberals simply back theirs with threats that “You’ll lose all that free stuff if the conservatives get into power!” When, quite obviously, there is no basis for that whatsoever. The conservative mindset is to offer opportunity to everyone with the idea that once a person begins working, and serving his fellow man in some capacity, that he or she then naturally feels better about himself / herself and wants to progress in following some kind of plan to advance. Avenues of advancement are open to all. Much has been said about there not being “The same” opportunities available to black people, but given we have had our “First” black president, I think we can safely lay that argument to rest.

The last thing I will say about the “Black Lives Matter” movement as a whole is that I looked at their “Beliefs” or their founding principles. It was right on their web page (see below) and it appeared to be ripped right out of democratic platform. They are, in fact, a liberal organization with an “Agenda” to promote liberal ideals and they are not really about seeing black people “Succeed” in opportunities or such, rather they would have black people just be affirmed for having been oppressed for hundreds of years and so on. There has been a revisionist movement afoot in this country for some time where history has been rewritten to say that “America was built on the backs of slaves”. While a slave-based economy may certainly have contributed to a particular agricultural segment of this country’s early economy, I would argue heavily that they did not do the exploring, the building of manufacturing facilities in the north, they were not involved in the expansion westwards and so on, not as slaves anyhow.

I have been to the Cowboy Museum and read a bit about how roughly 1/4 of all cowboys in this country were actually black. They were freedmen / non-slaves who participated in the growth and expansion of this country, just like everyone else. Slavery, and certainly not racism, did not end with the Civil War, but opportunity became available to black people even before the Civil War, and has led many to success in this country, all the way to the top of our government. Black people have proved their worth and do not need to be “Coddled” and taught they are “Second Class Citizens” in a white man’s world. Nothing, at least to my mind, is preventing them from pursuing their dreams other than the bounds of their own imagination. If they see themselves enslaved and victims in this world, then that’s all they’ll be. But, if they see opportunities out there in the world, and work hard to achieve their dreams, they can succeed just like everyone else.

I hate to point out the negative now, regarding the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) folks, but must be said that they have argued for violence against civil authorities, most notably the police. Those who have engaged in “Assassinations” of police officer in these past couple years, are following violence and directives from high up in the BLM movement. At its core, the violence against “The system” is implied due to the very nature of the supposed “Oppression” being enforced by our civil form of government. So, unlike the “Entitlement mentality” of the Occupy movement, the BLM influenced folks tend to assume that the world is out to get them, and their perception is that the civil authorities can and will kill them prejudicially for any and every reason on the streets of our country. This very dangerous philosophy is drilled in, again using liberal tried and proved techniques of fear and threats of violence, that makes the hearers perceive danger to both themselves and their black brothers and sisters, even though there is no basis in fact for such fear.

Numerous studies have shown that crime rates, and consequent police response, are only fully correlated based on geographical factors. In neighborhoods where crime rates are higher (and unfortunately, this is the case in inner-city neighborhoods) the police responses tend to be more brutal, and death rates due to police response are consequently higher. This has been exacerbated by the media in our culture that now has “Glorified” violent death by police by broadcasting it on prime time news. I cannot imagine a more twisted and distorted view of reality than has taken American media in this past year, actually broadcasting violent deaths of black people on the network news during prime time. And I blame the whole BLM movement, all the way and including the President because of his encouraging these things, along with liberal preachers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson where they are encouraging violent response to the civil authorities.

What could be more upside down in our culture? Again, the only solution I can offer is Jesus. When a person’s self-worth is derived from anything other than Christ, it can be twisted and distorted to fit even the most warped world view. The BLM world view is so skewed that it says that even violent thugs should not be taken down by police, but rather the police should wait until they are so violently assaulted that they are literally bleeding from wounds and then they can justifiably take down such individuals. This is so contrary to logic as to be insanity. The laws on the books have said for over 100 years that if a police officer fears for his life in a situation, that he should then be justified in the use of deadly force. Have their been abuses? Of course there have, but they are the exception and not the rule as the BLM folks would have us believe! The false narrative has been more damaging to race relations these past few years than has almost any other action (or inaction) in our society. The collusion of the media, and well as the president in the White House and his entire administration and the Department of Justice has set back race relations in this country by at least 50 years in some estimates.

Those are the critical problems we must address in the next few months and years as we transition to a new presidency. Let’s hope we have a “New day” ahead, and that we can invite hurting and wounded people to our churches in order to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the “Good news”. Let us reach across to those less fortunate, let us learn to serve our brothers and sisters no matter their color, their prior beliefs, their socioeconomic status or what have you. Let us return to the Bible and the simple goodness of learning to serve one another.

That is my prayer today.


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