Milwaukee Riots

Here we go again.


My comment on the recent FOXNews article:

“It’s totally obvious these riots are not about “Justice” any longer, but rather aimed at simply causing chaos by the masses for the benefit of the few (the progressive snobs at the top who like to keep the masses enslaved by entitlements and such). It’s so easy to control folks with fear, much easier than asking them to think for themselves and try to figure out real solutions.”

The kid was raising a gun at the officer for crying out loud. What is the police officer supposed to do? What would you do? I’m sure he told the kid to stop, drop the weapon, and all that multiple times.

FOXNews Article Link

This is simply getting out of hand.


2 thoughts on “Milwaukee Riots

  1. I don’t know that these riots were ever about justice. We’ve seen so many examples of out-of-town agitators coming in to disrupt. A lot of the chaos has been manufactured. I’m sure some really do believe it’s about justice, but they’re a victim of their own doing. The news media shares a lot of blame for the damage and victims. They create a false narrative, then capitalize on it. Very unfortunate.

    • The only real questions are:

      1. Who is really creating the false narrative;
      2. What are they really trying to do.
      3. Why are they doing it?

      The answer is not some nebulous “Conspiracy Theory” as folks like to call it. There is a definite answer, and it can be found simply and easily by doing what investigators always do, follow the money. In our case, the money trail has lately been traced rather effectively back to those at the top of the liberal food chain, e.g., George Soros, and his “Media” empire. It was proven some years back the Planned Parenthood even hires agitators / protestors for protests at legal venues. It’s also pretty obvious where the money comes from there, unfortunately, some of it invariably comes from the taxpayers, due to the lack of moral fiber in our government that gives money to PP for “Medical” services for women (as if women cannot get those same services elsewhere and with higher quality).

      What they are trying to do is obvious as well, divide us. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest strategies in existence. It’s been used by our enemy (Satan) since the beginning. He sows a little doubt, and offers temptation in order for us to “Be like God” he says, when in reality, all we are doing is pretending we’re in charge (how silly is that?). For humans though, the temptation is not really to “Be like God” in the sense of knowing right and wrong, but rather that we usurp His authority and decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. Any system or morality not grounded on the authority of a supreme being is no system at all, but rather is simply a collection of ideas that can be displaced at any time by someone with a bigger stick. As Chuck Colson always used to say: Whoever brings the most violent argument wins.

      There’s no doubt in my mind that the reason behind all this is the same as what causes wars, and disease, and famine, and so on, it’s sin. This world is cursed, and we Christians don’t belong here. But, it used to be the case in our government that we had folks who understood this, and were very careful not to let too much power or too much influence rest in the hands of any one person or entity. We’ve been “Duped” by the illusion of success, and lulled by our own comfort into believing that those are somehow substitutes for freedom and security – both of which require constant vigilance and hard work.

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