We Support Donald Trump For President


OK, so I finally did it. I “Liked” Donald Trump’s FB page.

I tell you all again, he isn’t our first choice, nor even our 2nd or 3rd choice, but we will support him. I believe he has talents and abilities that many of the other candidates did not have, and actually those make him a decent candidate.

I think the media has deconstructed him time and again and tried to make him something he is not. They have failed, and are becoming known as the liars they are. Mr. Trump’s qualities are exactly those we need in this country right now.

I was shocked when Sarah Palin came out in support of him (back in January was it?) so early on in the campaign, but now I credit her with a foresight I wish we all had. The issue is whether we will leave DC to the “Politics as usual” crowd, or whether we will elect a MAVERICK who can’t be tamed, can’t be silenced, isn’t afraid of anybody and won’t kow-tow to them either!


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