Homeward Bound


As I wrote yesterday, we have moved into our new home in Lomita, CA (new to us anyhow). So far, we are liking it more and more each day, finding local businesses and such that fill our needs, and enjoying the fact that we have movie theaters within walking distance now as well as several major chain stores a mile or so from our house. Freeway access is not too bad either as well as the fact that we are finding many shortcuts to get across town to familiar destinations.

So, what about this “Homeward Bound” thing? Am I quoting that familiar song by Simon and Garfunkel from the 1960’s or what? Not quite. I mentioned yesterday that many things were misplaced in the move as well, and we are finding things that have been missing for some time, as well we let go of a lot of stuff we had packed away in boxes at mom’s old place that we hadn’t used in 5 years anyhow. Moving is a wonderful time to get rid of “Stuff” that accumulates in your life over time, and oftentimes has little value to you anymore (in the strictest sense where if you aren’t using it, get rid of it!).

But, that’s not really what I mean by Homeward Bound either. The old Simon and Garfunkel song referred to the fact that ships when sailing long ago would call out “Outward Bound!” and then again on the turnaround, the sailors would excitedly start singing out: “Homeward Bound!” Just in case you weren’t familiar with the origins of these references that is. Today I’m really writing to you a small tickler (a reminder to myself) that I am going to publish my Outward Bound Journal shortly. I found my journal buried in my old briefcase (of all places) which I seldom look into anymore, but it is filled with old memories and memorabilia from my past, back to and including stuff from when I was in High School and my early years in college and so on.

Also found in the briefcase were the names and addresses of all the guys who were in my “Patrol” on Outward Bound, Patrol N-105, Northwest Outward Bound School (NOBS), Summer (June-July), 1977. We went up there for 24 days of backpacking in the wilderness, on a journey (supposedly) of “Self-discovery”. I think all of us young people were changed by that experience, and perhaps impacted the most by the fact that one fellow died the second day out in the wilderness.

With that, I think I will leave off this thought so that it stays short, and continue with more next time. I am still searching for more material that I want to publish, including some stories my mother wrote. She was an artist and a wordsmith. Mom was always involved in many organizations, I think I’ve shared that in the past, and more often than not, it was because of her excellent communication skills and leadership. She was a “Go getter” and poured herself into pretty much anything she attempted. What a great role model she was for both me and my sister Toni! Look for some of her material in the coming weeks as well!

God bless you!


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