Moving To The Country


Wait a second! Did we move to the country? No, not really. But folks are so much nicer here in Lomita, and in so much less of a hurry, that it seems like a whole different world from Manhattan Beach. We’ve been “In” this new house of ours for a bit over 2 weeks now, and it’s just starting to feel like home. There are a lot of boxes still, but the piles aren’t quite as high as they were last week, and not so many things are “Missing”.

We have a long ways to go, but I knew I was on the right track when one day last week (Tuesday) I took all my plants out that I had moved with us (Tillandsias, and orchids, and ferns, and some other exotics, the ones we saved from mom’s old garden), and arranged them down the west side of the house. My sister had thrown this old wooden futon away and I snagged it out of the garbage thinking that would be a perfect “Platform” to mount the Tillandsias, and many of the succulents and such for display along a wall, and it came out pretty well. It must have, when Cheryl came home and saw it she cried.

So, we still haven’t gotten to most of the books and such, and we’re just starting to get the curio cabinets organized. Just this morning, we put the curio cabinet back together that we purchased just 2 months ago in the Estate Sale at the house next door to my mom’s place. We actually picked up 5 pieces of furniture at that sale, all antique, all solid oak, four out of five which are “Tiger Oak” and probably over 100 years old each. There were three dressers in addition to the curio, and each of the dressers had a nice mirror (fully intact). The prices we paid were INSANE! We got such a deal.

And then, while we were taking apart those pieces and hauling them next door to mom’s place, the gal who ran the sale offered the solid oak (Victorian we think) hall tree / umbrella stand, which stands over 7′ tall to Cheryl for … $100. She hesitated about 5 seconds before telling the gal a resounding “DEAL!” We just were so blessed. The most amazing thing at that Estate Sale was being in a sale so close to my mom’s house, and thinking that there were two lifetimes worth of stuff all collected and waiting for buyers. The house was literally filled with antiques, collectibles, and model trains. I was simply blown away by the amount of stuff that was in there.

But, being a Christian, it instantly hit me that I didn’t want my life to be summed up at the end by a mass of accumulated stuff that actually means very little in the eternal perspective. So, when we had our moving sale, before we moved out of mom’s place, I made sure to get rid of all my old model trains (haven’t seen them in years anyhow), most of the models, and most of my Toy Story toy collection that I had collected for over 20 years. It’s just stuff I have to keep telling myself, and we just don’t want to have so much of it that our eyes are consumed with the pleasure of it down here, when we should be focusing on Heaven (and Jesus Christ).

Anyhow, I hope to get some pictures of our new house soon, and post them both here and on my FaceBook page so folks can take a look at the new house. We are so blessed. The Lord has been so good to us! Thank you Jesus!


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