Problems Facing The Church


A few weeks back, Pastor Mike Nazarian at Hope Chapel Hermosa Beach preached a well thought out sermon, where he attacked what he feels are the two most destructive forces in the Church today:  Gossip and Pornography.  It was a great sermon I thought, I told him so right away, but then had a few more thoughts to share with him about it.

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Hey Mike – did want to thank you again for your excellent message yesterday. I was trying to have a little fun with you and sound like one of those who “Hears the message but has already forgotten it” when they see you

Seriously though, I think you’re on to something. I did some quick research, because I think what you’re looking at is EXTREMELY important. Let me put it this way, I’ve taught that Abortion class a couple times now, and in it we discover that abortion rates inside the church are the same as those of the world. FRIGHTENING! If you look at any other issue, such as gossip and pornography, as you mentioned yesterday, I think you’ll find pretty much the same.   This is what has led me down the path this past year to say that the “Church is dead”.

I don’t mean there aren’t good churches, or that many are not still being saved, obviously Jesus / God is working to build His Church His way, and we are seeing the results of a larger issue. Some of the articles I just went through describe the central problem as either lack of unity, or compromise with the world. I think it’s both, I think that the issue has an underlying cause though, and that is a fundamental lack of obedience, with no consequent holiness (worldliness). The main other point I found, and one which I mentioned yesterday to your mom when I thought about it is apathy. I think the general malaise in the church (apathy) has a lot to do with both the lack of unity, as well as the lack of obedience to God’s Word and His plan for our lives.

I see it in so many ways, and I’m just as guilty. I’ve compromised with the world this past year as well, and I hate myself for it! Trust me, I despise my sin and wish to be RID OF IT ONCE FOR ALL, but also realize that the battle will not end until I meet the Lord. His plan, at least part of it, must be the struggle, the suffering, the guilt, the anguish, all of those.

So, perhaps part of the problem with the church is the fact that we “Pretend” too much from the pulpit (not you, not Hope Chapel in general either) that we don’t sin, that we don’t struggle. ALL OF US struggle! And, I think that to be really appealing to folks, and to inspire them to change, even to want to change, we must do a better job of being real with them. “He who says he is without sin is a liar” as John said. We must be real, and get real about the struggle. Without it, nothing else will come for the Church in general, it will continue dying, slowly, divided and conquered by the enemy.


I will try to add some resources in here as I can. Here’s a couple I went through:

Ministry Today Article

God’s Word First Article Article


3 thoughts on “Problems Facing The Church

  1. Agreed. Many of the problems in my own church stem from gossip in particular, and pornography, and it’s tearing our congregation apart. Very discouraging, but, as you mention, God is in complete control and building the church his way, and that’s reassuring.

    • Interesting that yours are the exact same two issues our Pastor Mike zeroed in on. Do you think they’re both symptoms of a larger issue as I’m concluding? Are we struggling with obedience? Are we struggling to define what obedience is? As I posted today, the “Gospel”, the true gospel, is more than just “Praying a prayer of salvation”, it’s repentance, which, using the Kingdom model, means not just turning from sin, but a full-blown surrender to the Lord and HIs authority to rule our lives.

      I just look at the church, and see splintered, divided, scattered denominations, no unity, everyone squabbling over their “Turf” and nobody agreeing on the fact of we ought to just simply be following Jesus and seeking to do His will! That’s what I’m really talking about. I think we could end the majority of the sinful behavior and lifestyles if we’d just simply stand up and say: “I follow Jesus, no matter what”. We all blow it, certainly, every single day, but I think we’d start blowing it a whole lot less if we valued the King of the Universe a whole lot more and our petty little self-indlugent past times a whole lot less.

      • Yes, I agree those issues are symptoms of a larger issue, and obedience is a good place to start. Obedience and true prayer and fellowship with God. I’ve seen our church do things without consulting God, much like the Israelites, and it’s harmed the church and caused division. We just don’t seem to learn that God needs to be central to our church if we want unity. The church is just as self-centered as those outside the church.

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