Snow Again In Mexico


Snow – again – in Mexico today, in the Sierra Madre, south of tucson and Ciudad Juarez. While this is not uncommon, I noted there was snow yesterday in Baja, so this makes like the 5th or 6th day this year in December alone that there was snow in Mexico.

It is an interesting side-effect of the way the El Niño is behaving so far this year is that we are getting cold and snow in the west, drawn down from the gulf of Alaska, even having record cold in places, while the south and eastern parts of the United States are getting warmer weather as the El Niño sends moisture up from the Pacific across Mexico northeastwards generally crossing into the U.S.  somewhere in Texas. On one side of Texas you may have snow, and the other may be experiencing severe thunderstorms, with tornados – at the same time!

Should we call this a result of “Climate Change” or “Human Caused Global Warming”? Heck no! It’s just WEATHER! We can mark 2015 down as an interesting year though as we get set to close it out.

The snow shows on the map as the light blue stuff, with slightly darker blue indicating heavier snow in New Mexico to the north of Las Cruces around Socorro and such.



4 thoughts on “Snow Again In Mexico

    • Nice. Yeah, apparently it was warmer in New York City on Christmas Day than it was here in Manhattan Beach. Another side-effect, very little ice in the Great Lakes so far this year. But the past 2 years have seen near 90% ice coverage on the lakes, so it’s just a different year so far.

  1. I counted a total of 12 “Snow” days in Mexico, either in Baja or in the Sierra Madres. I see snow again today in Baja, and probably some in the Sierra Madres as well, first time I’ve seen it in both regions on the same day. El Niño is weakening they say, but we (in CA) and Mexico are going to get lots of moisture in the next few days!

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