Los Angeles School Closings


It wasn’t just LAUSD schools this past week.  Following San Bernardino, the High School here in Manhattan Beach (my alma mater as well) was closed 3 times, for 3 separate threats in one week.  There have been college campuses around the nation that have been closed, or placed on lockdown due to specific threats, or reports of people with guns.

The question is: “Where do we go from here?” Those of us who’ve been saying for quite some time that ISIS is here, and that terror attacks would be the reality, and that we need better screening processes for Syrian immigrants are still being ignored by the MSM. How do we alter the playing field? The left keeps saying that “Guns are the problem.” I simply say “POOP!” to that. Conservatives in this country own over 200M guns, and roughly 10 Trillion rounds of ammo. I think if guns were the problem, we’d know.

It boils down to a biblical world view. The Bible tells us that sin is the problem, and that we are ALL sinners. Our government was setup such that no one person, or branch would be able to concentrate too much power. The system is badly broke, that is one aspect that needs addressing also. It’s why people are so mad, and listening to what Trump has to say. I don’t personally support him, but I understand the reasons so many do. They feel he’s giving a voice to what’s being ignored by the MSM and the leftists in power in DC: Conservative values (morals). In a godless society where “Anything goes” – how on earth does anyone know what truth is? And without truth there can be no justice, no order, and no accountability.

We voted for it, and we’ve got it: Chaos. We are ALL responsible. The first thing folks gotta realize is that we ALL MUST VOTE – and vote our VALUES! We must vote for the person most likely to uphold the values we need, truth being the first and foremost. And yes, I am talking biblical truth because it’s the foundation of our society. The 6th Commandment is perhaps the most important one out there. In the secular humanist world of relativism and multiculturalism, truth is pushed to the curb in favor of “Whatever I believe is true is true for me!” There can be nothing more ridiculous in the entire world. Multiculturalism brought us PC and the thought police. We really are living out Orwell’s 1984, and it’s a nightmare.



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