California Drought – Easing?


I don’t think we can in any way declare that CA’s drought is over, but things are tending the right direction. My last analysis on this showed we were at 42% of “Average” at the end of August, and as of Oct. 31, we are at:






Capacity (in 1,000’s of AF) – 91898.3
Historical Avg. (1,000AF) – 61416.5
2014 Level (1,000AF) – 36477.7
2015 Level (1,000AF) – 35703.7

That puts us at: 35703.7 / 61416.5 = 58% of avg.

DEFINITELY moving in the right direction!

Praise God!

Source for data, monthly report:

5 thoughts on “California Drought – Easing?

  1. Update – as of end of Nov. (numbers released 12/14/2015), the numbers show the California Reservoir System is still at 58% of “Average” Capacity. That number is actually 38% of TOTAL Capacity. The numbers:

    Total Capacity: 91898.3
    Historical Avg.: 61405.7
    2014 Level: 36152.9
    2015 Level: 35362.0
    % Avg. Capacity 58
    % Total Capacity: 38

  2. Latest Res. figures for Dec. 31, 2015 are out.

    TOTAL Capacity: 92211.3
    Historical Avg.: 62133.7
    2014 Level: 39329.3
    2015 Level: 36185.2
    % Avg Capacity: 58
    % Total Capacity: 39

    Note that while average stayed the same (holding at 58%) we did increase to 39% of Total Capacity which means we actually are on an increasing trend!

  3. Update – End of Feb. Missed Jan. sorry… We are on the right track as of 2/29/2016 though!

    TOTAL Capacity: 92211.3
    Historical Avg. 64934.7
    2014 Level: 42225.0
    2015 Level: 41722.6
    % Avg. Capacity: 64
    % Total Capacity: 45

    Esp. note how the Historical Avg. changes from month to month. When our “Above normal” snowpack starts to melt (I believe it’s still above anyhow), we should see the % Avg. Capacity number increase even though the Historical Avg. continues to increase through the spring months.

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