Should Christians Be In Politics?


Written as a response to someone who questioned why Christian Pastors should run for office.

You are typical of the blind masses. It’s so sad that you cannot see how much you need God. We all need God! The founders of our country knew that, they were profoundly Christian for the most part, or at least had the benefit of the Judeo-Christian world view that teaches us (right out of the Bible) that we are all evil by nature, that our natural tendency is to rebel against God (like you). I’m actually not trying to pick on you, rather show you your need of a Savior! Christians are not better, or higher, or often times even more moral than atheists or those who don’t practice Christianity, rather, we are saved, born again, given a knowledge of our sin and how it impacts both us, our world around us, and God.

People ask me all the time – “If God is good, then why does bad stuff happen?” The answer is really pretty simple, it’s sin. Sin is the single most destructive power in our Universe. It’s why all the wars, the murders, the racism, the raping and pillaging of the environment, the killing of innocent babies by the millions… you name it, sin is the answer behind all of it. It’s not “Religion” or any other pathetic excuse behind all the bad stuff that happens, it’s SIN!

The saddest news of all is that, the Bible tells us we are ALL sinners too, none of us will get to Heaven under our own power. All other “Religions” out there in the world will tell you that you CAN get to Heaven on your own, because, the bottom line is, they’re trying to sell you something. Or, more correctly, they’re trying to get YOU to sell YOUR soul to them.

Whether or not you believe me is irrelevant, the fact there is TRUTH in this Universe is what’s important to me these days. How does it relate to our world, our country right now? Well… our world view tells us that the “End times” are upon us, and the ultimate struggle of good vs. evil may begin at any moment. It’s all written down in the book that you so carelessly dismiss. The Bible is the single most accurate book ever written, and much of it was written over 3,500 years ago!

Much has been written to try to discredit it, and many have tried to investigate its claims and prove them wrong. Guess what? They cannot be proved wrong! If you are intellectually honest, you will find that the Bible neither contradicts itself, but rather verifies itself and proves its own truth! It’s the ONLY book around that actually does that! I have found all this to be true, and I’ve read it nearly 20 times cover to cover, some passages hundreds or even thousands of times!

Just so you don’t think I”m some sort of nutcase, I have near 10 years in College, two degrees (Business and Computer Science), from the 4 Institutions I attended over the years (the degrees are from Pepperdine, and University of Washington, Seattle). I graduated with honors so am no “Dummy” according to your standards. I became a “Born again” Christian after all that schooling and was able to see the futility of what I believed before. All my so-called “Truths” that I grew up with as a child vanished in a puff of smoke so to speak, as I realized they were based on pre-conceived ideas and biases that had plagued man for thousands of years.

The ONLY way to understand events, and what is really happening to our society is to have a belief system grounded in TRUTH! That truth is only found in one place: The Bible.

And that’s the SHORT answer as to why Christians, both Pastors and lay people, must be involved in politics and the running of our government!



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