Environmental Protests Or Socialists In Disguise?


I tell you, we got whackos and low-info people ALL OVER THE PLACE! Nobody thinks. Well, at least, very few of us do. There were protesters this summer outside Nestle’ protesting their bottling of water – during the drought. I went and did some research, and found that indeed, they do pay a ridiculously low rate for the “Rights” to the spring (Arrowhead Spring Water is now owned by Nestle’), and they do also bottle a pretty incredible amount of water each year.

At that point you have to ask yourself though, if they don’t bottle the water here in CA, what are we supposed to do – IMPORT water? They have OWNED the rights to Arrowhead Springs, and a couple other major springs where they get all the water, since 1880. The government never renegotiated the fees they pay each year, so from every angle, what they are doing is above board, and legal. The enviro types get fired up that we’re in the middle of the “Worst” drought in 100 years in CA, and these “Capitalists” are making money. Gads, they always have made money, haven’t they? And, there’s the fact I discovered earlier this week, that our reservoirs in CA were at 42% of capacity at the end of the summer, well above “Back line emergency storage levels” with plenty of water they could have still released to us so we could have drinking water. CA households actually use only about 10% of the water that flows in our water systems.

It’s just ludicrous to me how many people go off half-cocked and think they’re protesting and doing some good over something when in fact they are just being used as TOOLS by the socialist radical environmental agenda folks to do their dirty work.

I got upset and wrote this article in response to a friend’s posting of another aritlce (below) on FaceBook about people protesting at banks, and linking them to Climate Change.  I hope everyone who reads my blog already knows what I think about the Global Warming Alarmists out there.



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