Rocket Sled – Care For A Ride?


Anyone care for a ride? They’re gonna have a heck of a time keeping this sucker on the ground. Seriously – we went to Bendimere Speedway outside of Denver for several of the “Family – 4th of July Celebrations” and they would always have the Jet Cars there. At least they had a couple. They used to hold the Jet Car Nationals there too. Those things hit like 350MPH in the 1/4 mile! Talk about insanity! But, I talked with one of the drivers one time and asked about one of his “Cars”. He said it was for sale. Actually, they were custom sleds about the same dimensions as the “Rocket sled” in this article, and built for just the one thing: SPEED.

But he said, they had just put this particular car back together as the last time it raced it went 300′ in the air. No kidding? I looked again at the car, and saw that it had parachutes all over it. Oh, no wonder! The thing about strapping a jet engine onto a car is that, the thing just wants to go UP at some point, and nothing the driver/pilot can do at that point is going to keep it on the ground. You just have to ride it out, get high enough so your parachutes will work and then … PRAY they do!

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