Are Republicans Really The War-Mongers?


I wrote this response to a friend on FaceBook the other day in response to their posting a graphic that implied that we should simply just “Pull out” of all our foreign entanglements and become isolationists and hide our heads in the sand.  As you will read below, I absolutely 100% do not believe that is a good policy.  As well, the graphic that the friend posted implied that the GOP (the Republican Party) is responsible for all the wars we have fought in the past and that we are the “War mongers” who enjoy being imperialists all over the world and conquering for pleasure and profit.  I had to simply set the record straight.

Let me give a comparison. It was Harry Truman who loaned the Merchant fleet to the French in 1946 to take their Foreign Legion back into Southeast Asia in order to get their “Empire” back. Harry Truman was a democrat.

It was John F. Kennedy who escalated the conflict in Vietnam some years later (along about 1962) and committed us to a ground war there. President Kennedy, was a democrat. It was Lyndon Johnson who just a few years after that spent $Billions$ on a “Limited War” (one that could never be won) and cost the lives of over 58k Americans. He was, of course, a democrat.

We were at PEACE in 2001, when Islamic TERRORISTS attacked us! At one time, this entire nation was behind the President (former President Bush, a Republican) to “Get those guys over there before they carry out any more terrorist attacks over here”. Seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess.

You could ask whether history repeats itself? Usually, with a few twists. We determined, much as Israel determined not to be terrorized by a few “Bullies”. Is this “War” different from Vietnam? From WWII? From WWI? Some. The key difference is technology. What does that do for us? Saves lives. To date, since we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, we have lost just over 5,300 soldiers, airman, navy and marines. Is war hell? Yes. Is it costly? Yes. Was President Bush wrong to get us into a war in the Middle East? My answer is decidedly – NO!

We cannot let bullies rule anywhere. Our problem today is not the conduct of the war, it’s a person in the White House that thinks that the current meltdown in the Middle East was some kind of “Springtime ritual that would result in world-wide peace and love”. He was as WRONG AS WRONG CAN BE!

Once we were committed over there, we had no choice but to keep up the hunt, keep up the pressure, keep up the fight. As soon as we relaxed, we got ISIS and now that may be an even bigger mess than there was before we started fighting over there. War is not the answer, I agree. But it certainly isn’t the wrong thing to do under all circumstances either.

There are JUST Wars, that are fought to try to preserve civilization and make things better for most on this planet. We aren’t just fighting for ourselves. We are fighting for the oppressed everywhere! Unfortunately, no other nation on earth has ever known the freedom we have in this country, nor what it cost to get it.

Freedom costs blood. Those countries over there are soaked in blood right now, but it’s not about freedom, it’s about tyranny and terror. There are bad dictators on one side of the equation, but even worse terrorists (Islamic jihadists) on the other.

We should never ever fight a “Limited” war, that’s part of the problem right now. There need to be clear objectives, and even clearer motivations behind those. We should NEVER have been in Vietnam, it wasn’t ours – ever – nor did we need to keep Ho Chi Minh from ruling the country, because he hated the Russians and the Chinese as much as he hated us – at the outset. He accepted their aid because he had to, not because he wanted to.

With the guy we have in the White House now giving authority away, giving $Billions$ to Iran, giving weapons to terrorists, extremists, spending hundreds of $Millions$ to arm and train 5 Syrians. It’s not only comical, it’s dangerous.

Maybe I’m Arthurian, but I do believe that MIGHT MUST BE USED FOR RIGHT! If we let the terrorists and bullies win, then we are allowing MIGHT TO MAKE RULES, and those rules are by definition immoral. As I said, freedom costs blood. If we fight to inspire others to fight for their own freedom, that is a good thing. If we fight simply to squash bullies, that is also a good thing. But if we fight to preserve some “Image” of our strength, then we have already lost. The entire Cold War was a waste of money and materials. But it did finally bankrupt the Soviet.

Today, they are on the comeback. And in this country, we have folks running around thinking they need to get the latest copy of Pokemon or get the latest iPhone rather than help oppressed peoples around the world, as well as ourselves, deal with bullies!

Oh, and by the way, we did invest that much and MORE in this country, in Welfare, Food Stamps, in Unemployment, in Stimulus. All of that, the “War on Poverty”, the revitalization of American Industry, all failures. The worst failure of all was something enacted during the Carter presidency, the Dept. of Education. We have bankrupted our grandchildren and given them an education system that is far worse than what we had 50 years ago. Kids are not taught to think anymore, they are indoctrinated with government propaganda and taught not how to be self-sufficient but how to mooch off the system and get free stuff (free education, free housing, free cellphones, etc…).

This is why Donald Trump’s rhetoric hits so hard and resonates so well with so many people. Liberalism has nearly ruined our country.

I think back on my childhood and the many fond memories also. I fully realize that my views may not be the views of many. But one thing I did learn as a child and growing up was how to think and look at my world with eyes that see, and a heart that understands what truly is going on around us.

We conservatives won’t convince everyone that we are right, or that our position is “More righteous” than the liberal point of view, but we think that history bears witness to the failures of the democratic party and nearly every program and undertaking they sought in the past 70 or so years.


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