In Defense of President George W. Bush

030114-O-0000D-001 President George W. Bush.  Photo by Eric Draper, White House.

I wouldn’t normally write something to defend a former president, but after nearly 7 years of the liberals and progressives dumping all over him, I feel it’s my duty to defend him, at least for certain things. He was not my favorite president, nor was he particularly smart and he certainly did some wrong things. But here is my defense, such as it is.

President Bush was faced with two MAJOR crises, both of world magnitude in the first two years of his presidency.

1. The “Dot-bombs”, and international market meltdown due to the collapse of stock markets surrounding technology stocks, partially but not completely fueled by the 9/11 events;
2. 9/11 itself which nearly collapsed world markets again.

Neither of those events were caused by President Bush, nor was he guilty of any wrongdoing in handling them. He did what was expedient, what was WANTED by the majority of Americans at the time, as well he did not cower on a golf course pretending everything was alright, rather he went out and cried with the people.

Later in his presidency, there were two more important events that defined his second term in office:

1. Hurricane Katrina;
2. The “Sub-prime” crisis;

Again, neither of those events were caused by him, nor can his handling be faulted. Government agencies handled the Katrina response poorly, but only because local agencies in New Orleans and Louisiana told the feds to keep out – until it was too late. Then, no amount of help would be enough.

The “Sub-prime” crisis was caused by greedy Wall St. financiers of the ilk that the current President has in his back pocket. These guys cooked up a scheme where “Everyone should own homes” even those who couldn’t afford them, nor even ever have a hope of making payments for them. But their scheme, dreamed up under former President Clinton was so vast and so complex yet so brilliantly conceived that it nearly fooled folks into believing that President Bush had somehow caused it.

Government debt increased as we had to fight a WAR! At the time the majority of Americans WANTED us to go to war and fight the Islamic terrorists, and fight them THERE – where they lived – and not on our soil again. Revenues (taxes) were down, since the economy suffered terribly from all these events, and never really got going again. In a sense the 9/11 bombers succeeded in undoing a major portion of our economy that has never recovered, not under the current guy in the White House either. One need only look at the number of manufacturing jobs then (19.3M in 2000, 12M in 2008, 12.5M today) and now.

As a comparison – the guy in the White House now has NO EXCUSE for continuing to grow the debt, the economy is decent, aside from manufacturing, revenues are up, but expenditures are OUT OF CONTROL! He has done NOTHING to address any of those issues you mentioned and attributed to former President Bush, in fact, he’s made them worse with things like Quantitative Easing (QE), pumping TONS of cash into the economy in an effort to prime the pump, but only succeeding in putting GIGANTIC CASH COFFERS into the hands of tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others. Very few win under that scenario, not the bottom 99% certainly, as progressives like to argue for.

Just because people get passionate about a subject doesn’t mean they aren’t on the right side. Most of the time it’s the liberal / progressives who are out there shouting expletives and making derogatory gestures in support of their “Position”. Granted former President Bush wasn’t a very good president overall, I think history will be much kinder to him than the guy in the White House currently who has bumbled and stumbled his way through trying to use his “Community organizer” skills to handle world events and FAILING MISERABLY. In fact, you could say the world is currently on the brink of melting down and the guy who should have had his finger in the dykes was out playing golf with his buddies from Wall St. and the tech business and the Hollywood elites.

One of my all time favorite pictures of the difference between the liberal / progressives (and their occupy buds) and the Conservatives in the likeness of the Tea Party:


If you don’t see the difference right away, then there’s no hope for you.

I heard someone on CNN the other night try to blame the rise of the Tea Party on former President Bush. I literally laughed out loud, and said (to nobody in particular) “The Tea Party wasn’t even an idea until Feb. 19, 2009 when the famous video of Rick Santelli was posted to YouTube as he ranted and raved about the lunatics in charge.

And he was an NBC reporter at the time, on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exhange.

Not to mention the actual ILLEGAL (law breaking) actions taken by the guy in the White House:

and counting…


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