Special Olympics Rocky Start


In light of the problems this week in handling the transportation and housing of all the athletes for the “Special Olympics” here in Los Angeles, and certainly meaning no disrespect to the athletes or their families, but I thought I should point out that here in Los Angeles, 9 out of 10 Down’s Syndrome babies are aborted. We live in a disgraceful time people.

The reality is, that even though these are precious children of God, created in HIs image like the rest of us, and they can have a tremendous influence for good on all of us, our society would rather kill them than have anything to do with them. Is it any wonder the planning and preparation was so shoddy for this event?


I saw another article in our local Easy Reader News about a young lady who had Down’s Syndrome being the first – ever – to make it into the Junior Lifeguards. Congratulations Kirra!

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