Is The Pope A Socialist?


Fine article on the National Review on why the Pope may have kept the “Hammer and Sickle” crucifix he was given by the dictator of Bolivia the other day.  Article link below.

My comments:

The problem becomes his entire world view. If the pope is a socialist, as many suspect, or perhaps even a closet communist, then what’s the problem from the world view standpoint? The Bible tells us clearly that man’s problem is sin. We have a “Sin nature” that makes us enemies of God. Folks don’t understand what that means, let’s simplify it and say that we do what we want, and not what God wants, OK? At least, by our nature, that we’re born with. That makes us EVIL since we do our own thing, and don’t do God’s WILL. That includes every member of the human race, excluding those who are “Born again” only.

So, what does socialism or communism teach? That men are basically “Good” and all they need is knowledge or resources (or both) in order to be equal. This is antithetical to the Bible’s teachings, and makes this pope, if he believes in socialism or communism – probably not a Bible believing Christian.

Tough stuff, eh?



3 thoughts on “Is The Pope A Socialist?

  1. I can see how some Christians- maybe even the Pope- might think socialism is a Christian teaching, and they’d be right if they were referring to Acts 2:42-47. But the problem with implementing something like this by government interaction is that not everyone has everything in common, whereas the early Christians did. This form of government hasn’t worked for any society as a whole, and that’s because we’re imperfect, and as long as we’re imperfect, socialism will never work. What works best is when the people have freedoms and can keep their earnings and property with little government involvement; the government would chiefly be responsible for protecting our nation with a strong military and justice system. The Pope doesn’t seem to understand this.

    • Exactly – right on. Communal living arrangements work on a limited scale, where ALL members are in complete agreement, and are living for the same purpose. That describes the “Book of Acts” 1st Century Church, and it also describes the Kibbutzes in Israel that I visited (for the most part, I’m sure they have their difficulties too). But when you try to scale it up, it has NEVER worked in the history of mankind. The only way to make it work – is by force. We saw that in Russia, China, even in Cuba and in several other places in Latin America. And as such, it seeks to crush freedom in order to preserve the “Ideal” which is a centralized planning apparatus that “Provides for and serves” the people in a rather mediocre fashion.

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