This President Is the Worst Ever – For Israel



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My comments:

The problem is actually this president’s world view. He keeps saying he’s a Christian, but in reality he’s not. The Christian world view is based on the Bible and gives us a picture of humans as being basically sinful, or evil. The only way for us to be redeemed, the Bible says, is belief in Jesus. Now, I realize this is hard for my Jewish brothers to take, but look at it this way: Jesus, according to the Bible, is the fulfillment of the blessing promised to Abraham, all nations would be blessed it says in Genesis 26:4.

So, what makes this “Other” world view a problem for the president? The fact that he believes people of the world are good, and that all beliefs are equal. This spells disaster for the world, since when you make all beliefs equal, there is obviously no way to see if one is making claims that are contrary to that idea. And, when you assume all people are basically good (ala Communism) and that people only need knowledge (or resources) in order to be equal, then you are downplaying man’s innate tendency to want more. Everyone wants more of something! Whether you call that greed, pride, sin or whatever, it all equates to the world really not being an equal place for all beliefs (since if I believe my ideas are better than yours than I win!) and it equates to a world where struggle will determine the outcome (might will decide right).

The U.S. has stood for over 230 years on the proposition that might fights for what is right, but does not determine it. Right is determined by God. And then along came this president…


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