The Death Tax

US Capitol Building

Folks gotta realize that this is personal for me and my sister, and our spouses, and our children, my mother’s Grandchildren that is.

The democrats are just plain WRONG on this issue as usual.  As the Republicans attest and as Fox News reports, it really isn’t the “Uber” rich who wind up paying “Death taxes” since they can hire small army’s of lawyers and accountants to help them shelter their wealth and prevent their estates from being taxed.  It really is those who are in between, those who spent their lives earning their wealth and preparing to pass it onto their family.

For us, it means we must sell the house where my wife and I are living in order to pay the taxes, the house where I grew up, that my mom and dad bought back in 1961, and where my mother spent 53 years of her life.  Further, it means this house will be bull-dozed the following day (pretty much) so the wealthier who buy this property can make way to build a “McMansion”.  If you don’t know what that is, look it up.  Cheryl and I walked this neighborhood yesterday, and we saw 4 complete tear downs (currently empty lots), and 8 others in various stages of completion within 2 blocks of this house.  It churns my stomach to think about it.

And, lastly, in case you didn’t know, Cheryl and I arrived here almost 4 and a half years ago, broke and homeless after the economy did us in.  We lost a house, a condominium, most of our stuff when we left Colorado.  It’s not a big deal, we believe God had His hand leading and directing and guiding that entire process, since He brought us here to move in with my mom and take care of her in her “Sunset” years.  That part I am not bitter about at all, it’s just so you know, we were broke 4.5 years ago and today we owe a TON of money to the IRS because my mother’s estate is worth too much money according to the greedy democrats who think you should have to pay taxes all your life and then again after you die.


2 thoughts on “The Death Tax

  1. Sorry about your situation. I thought Pennsylvania was bad on taxes,but I’d never want to live in New York! It really irritates me when I hear stories like yours, and I’ve heard many like it. I know many people who are fed up with the excessive taxation there and are moving elsewhere. I just hope they learn to vote for conservatives that understand the value of reducing taxes.

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