Gay Rats


At ElCo last week, I spoke with an elderly man who couldn’t stop talking about how the “Church” had been so hard on homosexuals. I agreed. I did not, however, agree that homosexuality is not a sin. He had all kinds of arguments for how the Bible had used “Selective” interpretations and wrong translations to condemn homosexuality. I assured him that our translations were accurate, and that it was God Himself who condemned being gay. Why? It’s pretty obvious to most school children. Procreation, in other words, survival of the species only happens in terms of a man and a woman coming together in marriage to make babies. End of story.

Oh, he had all kinds of “Outside evidence” and studies to prove that homosexuality is “Natural”. Case in point: He told me of a “Study” where they put one male and one female rat in a cage, and gave them all the food they wanted. Then, they had babies. And their babies had babies. Soon, the cage was so crowded, all the rats were having sex with each other, thus “Proving” that homosexuality is “Normal”. I told him, in no uncertain terms, that the study had reached a wrong conclusion. The conclusion I reached (right away) is that overcrowding breeds neurosis. Duh.

You have to remember why gay people want there to be some kind of “Natural” explanation for why they are gay, because they don’t want to be held responsible for having made the decision to be gay! Duh, again. It’s an extension of the “Victim” mentality I think, one that our society has taken to extremes in recent years. It’s akin to the “Twinkie” defense, in that some outside factor is responsible for the way I am (in this case nature, or genetics or whatever) and not me. Lack of personal responsibility defines our culture.

Why on earth do you think we have a president who got into office and blamed EVERY SINGLE THING THAT WENT WRONG (for 4 YEARS!) on his predecessor?


5 thoughts on “Gay Rats

  1. I think you’re right on the mark. But, nonetheless, I think the church needs to learn how to respond Biblically to the homosexual community and love them. The depravity in the U.S is growing, and we have to be a light to unbelievers. I think this is a great opportunity for the church, and I hope we can overcome it and share the love and salvation of Christ.

    • How do we do that? Being salt, a preservative and a flavoring means you must “Mix” with the other ingredients, i.e., that we must be “In” our society. Being light, means we bring truth everywhere, but also love and compassion. “For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings.” Hosea 6:6.

      God is not after platitudes, He’s after changed hearts. First and foremost, that’s our hearts. If we’re more interested in people’s outward behaviors, than we are in their hearts, then we’ve become Pharisees. At least that’s how I see it from my viewpoint. God wants everyone to come to repentance and faith in Him. But, our job is not to do either of those, our job is to bring them to a knowledge of their sin and depravity, and then point them to the Savior who can save them from sin and death and the eternal punishment of Hell.

      I’m greatly disappointed by the church in America today. Most churches are not growing, and those that are, seem to be about the worship of self. “It’s all about me” and WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) radio play everywhere in the church on Sundays. First and foremost then, the church must decide to be intentional about these things. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said the church was “absent” (mostly) from the Civil Rights movement of the 1950’s. That silence was DEAFENING! What happened? Why were churches not involved in healing racial tensions and bringing all men together under the same God?

      I was not there, I can only speculate. But my gut feel is that the church then wasn’t very much different from it is now, shallow, self-centered, selfish, not willing to risk. Well, I guess a mathematical analogy here is in order. If you risk nothing, you gain nothing. One way or another, folks in the church need to WAKE UP and realize that not only is the church dying, but our country, that was founded on solid biblical principles, is also dying. The sin of abortion and homosexuality are a scourge on our nation, and in fact may be a curse and the sign of the loss of God’s favor. How quickly we fell. How tragic.

      Our only hope is Jesus. Our only answer for our country is revival.

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