Bill Maher’s Rant On ISIS

2 seat interview: Bill Maher and Maya Wiley - President, The Center for Social Inclusion; Panel left to right: James Glassman - Former Under Secretary of State, Former Director of the George W. Bush Institute, AEI Fellow; Carol Roth - CNBC Contributor, Au

Bill Maher, a liberal talk show host, and noted critic of all things conservative, recently was quoted as saying:

“This idea that we cannot even call it Islamic terrorism seems Orwellian to me…It seems we’re paying a very high price for this … which is you can’t discuss it even rationally”- Bill Maher

You can read his entire interview:

Mr. Maher’s interview sparked a lively discussion on FaceBook, where the topics ranged from Hitler to the abortion industry.

Here are my responses:

I’m not picking stats to support a “Position” since any killing of innocents is wrong. The translation of the original King James said: “Thou shalt not kill” when in fact the Hebrew word was more like murder. A better translation can be found these days in the sense that “You should not spill innocent blood.” Was Tiller’s blood innocent? That’s certainly a main question, but he had not been tried and convicted by a jury either, something guaranteed in our country. Slavery was once accepted as the “Norm” though today in the United States we reel in revulsion to it (most of us do anyhow).

My hope and prayer is that someday, abortion also will be as repulsive and repugnant to people.

But let’s try to tie this to Bill Maher. What do the ISIS folks really have against us in the west? Are they upset that we allow so much freedom, to not only worship as you please but to do whatever you please? Absolutely. They think that a strictly regimented society, where everything that is wrong is heavily punished and 100% forbidden is the right way to “Cure” whatever ails folks.

Now, again, I must take you to the Bible and what does the it say? The Bible tells us that our basic problem is sin, and we ALL suffer from it.What, then is the Bible’s answer, what does the Lord say? In a nutshell, we are incurable. Our disease is terminal, and it leads to only one place for our eternal souls – hell. But, the Lord did send a solution, an “Answer”. Even the Muslims will admit that Jesus came, and in fact, Jesus is mentioned in the Qur’an more than Mohammed. But they don’t acknowledge Him for who He is. Jesus claimed to be “The Son of G-d” intentionally not leaving the argument open as to whether He is just a man. Nobody can argue, successfully that He is “Just a man”. He is either: a liar, a lunatic or Lord. All other options are not available. This is the reality that Islam is facing, even now.

My point is, that every bit as much as Hitler thought he was carrying out some “Plan” to exterminate the “Problem” the muslim fanatics are on a similar path. They think they are doing “Right” when in fact, those of us who follow the true G-d know they are deceived. How can they be so wrong? The Bible says “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so they cannot see the light of the gospel” (2 Corinthians 4:4) . They, in fact, don’t even “Get” the good news, because like most people out there they think they are doing right. Why do they think their own thinking is right? The Pharisees thought they were right too, and Jesus flung their “Religion” in their faces!

Man’s “Religion” is as filthy rags to the Lord. Islam is not just a religion but an entire socio-political system that enslaves people and makes them captive in the service of their god. In reality, most religions are like that, again as I said above, they are based on performance. Mohammed was a liar, a thief, a murderer, a terrorist, a pedophile, and those people follow him because apparently his god told him to do all those things. From the Lord’s standpoint it’s not any different from all the other religions that have requirements for performance to satisfy their god. The Bible refers to this as idolatry pure and simple. I always tell folks that religion is man’s attempt to get to their god, where Christianity tells us we cannot get there under our own power, no way, no how.

That is why Jesus came, we can never be “Good enough” from the standpoint of a perfectly good and righteous and holy G-d. But people, billions of people, are still enslaved to these ideas that they can somehow get to heaven under their own power. Even in the US, if you walk around and ask folks “When you die, will you go to heaven or hell?” Most will tell you heaven, because they are “good” people. Nobody believes that a loving G-d would send them to hell just because of some technicalities in the Bible. Muslims are no different. The fact they are enslaved to a quasi-biblical character named Mohammed is no different from those who think G-d will somehow “Give them a break”. They’ve made a god in their own image.

Now, tie this all back to abortion, how does that fit in? Abortion is an affront to G-d because we are made in His image. The very first book of the Pentateuch tells us that. We are created with an innate capacity for love, and worship and relationship, not only with each other, but especially with G-d our creator! This is why murder, the taking of innocent blood is so awful, because it not only is killing a human, but it’s the killing of one who is an “Image bearer” of our creator G-d. To kill an image bearer is an attack on the image itself, absolutely!

Hitler, ISIS, abortionists, they all fall under that category, of those who try to destroy the creator’s image in order to satisfy their own god. Any god other than the true creator G-d is an idol, and is therefore part of “This world’s system” or demonic (from the evil one). Antisemitism has been around since pretty much Abraham was called out of Ur of the Chaldeans. It will not ever go away in my opinion, but in fact is one of the driving forces in history that is even now propelling us towards the climax of history. Persecution of Christians is a very similar force, since Christians are grafted in to the line of Abraham through the blood of Jesus Christ.

If you’ve never considered before who Jesus is, and whether He could be the “Anointed One”, the Messiah, then I urge you to take a look at that today and decide for yourself. Studying the Bible, really studying it, demands that we see history as the unfolding of the plan of G-d. It’s not about us, it’s never been about us. It’s all about Him and who He is. Our response is the only real choice we have in this life, not much else matters really.



2 thoughts on “Bill Maher’s Rant On ISIS

  1. I’ve come to believe, since becoming a Christian, that the “Enemy of our souls” wants to destroy us, plain and simple. Jews, Christians, the unborn, it’s all an attack upon the “Image of God”. Those who go merrily along with that plan are totally deceived and clueless. That defines ISIS and Islam in general. If you’ve not read the Qur’an, it’s filled with the story of a man who was totally deceived. But even in the United States, the so-called “Atheist” movement, the agenda of the environmentalists, the gay and lesbian movement, all of those are counter to God and propose that they should have “Rights” over Christians by virtue of the fact that they are being “Oppressed” or discriminated against somehow.

    I listened to and read a speech at the Heritage Foundation called “Regurgitating the Apple – How Modern Liberals Think” by Evan Sayet and was actually amazed how closely that fits with what the reality is on the left. The progressives, and the uber liberals think they are somehow “Better” at managing this planet than the majority, they have no clue they are creating an entire power vacuum for use by ultra radicals such as ISIS. I kept yelling and yelling to folks, nobody listened of course, that the “Arab Spring” was the beginning of a “Middle East Nightmare”. It just makes no sense to them at all. Their basic philosophy is wrong, of course, in that they believe men are basically good, and that given enough education, enough “Opportunity” that men will be nice to one another and care only about one another’s welfare.

    Obviously, the Bible is the only place where you find man’s accurate diagnosis. That is why men have tried to suppress the truth for so long! We are desperately evil, and wicked beyond measure, and given our own preferences, we would gladly hack each other to pieces for what we would perceive as “Personal gain”. It’s why the progressives and liberals see no problem at all with saying they want what’s best for the 99% but in reality, they all want to live like kings and queens telling everyone else what to do and partying like there’s no tomorrow. It’s why a gal goes to the Oscars, after barely 7 movie roles (some of which are in the future) wearing a gown that cost roughly $150k. Unbelievable. That’s just a total mind bender. Think about how many starving children that gown could have fed. I don’t like to ever pick on any one person in particular, but it’s something I do sometimes to prove a point. I put things in “Human” terms so folks will “Get it”.

    Evan Sayet’s talk to the Heritage Foundation

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