Race Did Matter


Contrary to what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned in America in his famous “I have a dream” speech, the color of a man’s skin did matter to voters in the last election. At least, it mattered to African Americans. The 2012 election results tell us that just 39% of white Americans voted for the President, while 93% of African Americans voted for him (and a large majority of Hispanic voters as well). This is a sad reality that indeed, at least for African Americans and other minorities it seems, the color of the man’s skin did matter. My question to my readers is whether or not this is considered racism?

I realize this is not a very popular view, and that I may be called out for what I’m saying, but I am here to tell you that it is racism, and a clear repudiation of the principle that was part of Dr. King’s dream for America. It is my further belief that in electing a man who was not qualified to be President that great harm was done to America. In fact, I believe the current President has greatly harmed America by his ineffective and impotent Foreign Policy, by his incessant pumping of money into the economy (Quantitative Easing) to sustain it and bring about an overabundance of the money supply but at the same time not bringing about real recovery in terms of jobs added to the labor force.

Today is voting day again. I wonder if we have learned our lesson? Will there be a voter backlash against the democrats today?


5 thoughts on “Race Did Matter

  1. I agree with you that it is racism if skin color matters. Racism happens whenever we treat someone differently based on the color of their skin. And it does bother me that we have a lot of Americans who think that’s okay.

    Fortunately, I think there’s evidence to suggest that a lot of blacks came out to support Republicans on Tuesday, and now it’s up to those Republicans to live up to the expectations of those who voted for them.

    • Amen. What bothers me still is there are a lot of African American folks who think Dr. Ben Carson is some kind of “Snake Oil Salesman” or something, simply because he’s a Republican. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that Utah elected the first black woman who’s also a Republican to Congress. So it was an election of “Firsts” also. And yes, I think we all of us have a lot to live up to, it’s time to deliver on the promise of being the party of opportunity, to really teach America what “Opportunity” means as opposed to handouts that enslave folks to government entitlement programs that is.

      I believe we must all work together in that respect, regardless of race, religion or party preference.

  2. I thought I should make it clear to folks that I would, personally, have loved to be able to vote for the current President as well, because he is black. However, there are too many ideological difficulties between myself and what he stands for.

    I will list some of them so that folks understand exactly why I could not vote for him, and in fact, would never vote for a democrat if there was an alternative.

    1. The democrats stand for death, they are pro-abortion and are for killing babies in the womb.
    2. They are also for gay marriage, which is against what the Bible teaches, and is therefore immoral, and having the “State” support gay marriage is promoting open sin and rebellion against God.
    3. The democrats are the party that believes in a “Happy family” principle, where the government should “Take care” of those who don’t have what they feel they deserve. Trouble with that philosophy is how much do any of us deserve? The Bible tells me that if I don’t work, I don’t eat. That’s my bottom line rule for who should have and have not. Other than that, my Bible teaches me that I can be rich in one of two ways: Get more “Stuff” or desire less. I prefer to seek God with my whole heart, and trust in Him to provide what I need. Aside from that, as we know the Republican party is the “Party of opportunity” which believes basically that the government is like a benevolent father, and will provide what is needed, in times of trouble, but will seek every means to have all become productive members of society, of those who truly want to work that is. The lazy, and those who will not work, well, I don’t want them to live off my paycheck, let’s just leave it at that. Why should the government be allowed to rob from decent upstanding citizens to pay for those who will not seek a means to provide for themselves and their families?
    4. My views are my views. They are not “Intolerant” or “Extreme” but they are grounded in what the Bible teaches, what this country used to value and deem acceptable. We’ve been inundated in the last 20 or so years with this notion of “Political correctness” and a new definition of “Tolerance” that says basically that those of us who are conservative are the ones who shall not be tolerated, by the mainstream media, by what is taught by our schools and universities, and by basically the government itself. Tolerance, in other words, has become a one-way street where the liberal left determines what is “Correct” and anything conservative, by virtue of the fact that it IS conservative is bad. That’s not tolerance, that’s hatred in my book. It’s hatred and bigotry simply because someone believes there is absolute truth. By definition, if there is truth, then not all “Truths” (so-called) can be the same. Teaching otherwise is actually evil.

    That’s why I couldn’t vote for that man, not just because of his skin color. He got his start as a community organizer, teaching folks how to get “Free” stuff out of the system, and that’s all he’s been good at during his presidency, giving things away that the rest of us hard-working Americans earned. That don’t fly in my book.

    I should also point out that I did vote for a democrat this past election, I voted for a democrat in a district where there were 2 democrats running against one another in the run-off election, and I voted for the one that was NOT Sandra Fluke! I think that woman is a scammer, a disgrace to America and absolutely evil in her views and the way she expressed them. She took advantage of her “15 minutes of fame” to try and get into government so that she could continue exploiting the system and pushing her EXTREMIST views on the rest of us.

    Soapbox off.

  3. Just a short followup to this article. I see a lot of folks reading this one. I’d like to point out that there was a HUGE, almost historic backlash in the Nov. 2014 elections against the democrats and specifically against their leader, the guy in the White House. It appears that, contrary to what the media tells us, there is a not-so-silent majority still active in America, and they care about right and wrong!

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