Walrus Gathering In Alaska


I just wanted to make a point about Global Warming Alarmism. Recently, there’s been a lot of press given to a Walrus gathering on an Alaskan beach. Scientists and others are spreading a lot of FUD about it (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). It’s clearly another attempt to scare low-info types that the world is quickly falling victim to “Human Caused Global Warming”. They don’t realize that there are many of us out here who think.

Take a look at the first image, I just downloaded both of these directly from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) which you can find:


If you care to have a look that is. Just look at the pictures I’ve provided though, they are both dated Oct. 2, 2014. They show that in a “Typical year” (the “Median” line on the map like image) there is no ice anywhere near Alaskan waters to begin with! The second fact is given by the other image, that ice concentration this year is still below that “Normal” (or typical) year, but far above 2012 levels, and already growing again (Summer is over and the Arctic is getting cold again, already winter storms are happening).

I need you all to take this in, process it, digest it, and share it with your friends if you want to prove to them how our Government and the Media are trying to use alarmism over so-called “Global Warming” to try to control us.  The truth about the Walruses is, nobody knows why they’re on that beach having their “Get together”.  It’s likely just some kind of annual thing they do and this year (for a change) we just happened to be in the right place at the right time to witness it.

While we still don’t have as much ice as in a “Typical” year, the extent of the ice is much greater than in 2012, and likely more than last year (though they didn’t plot that).  Last year, if you recall, at the end of the summer, there was 60% more ice than in 2012.  This year, if we do the math, there was roughly 3.5M sq. Km of ice in 2012, and this year about 5.5M sq. Km of ice at the low point, that’s about 2M sq. Km more ice than in 2012 or 2.0 / 3.5 = 57% more ice than in 2012, roughly the same as last year.


4 thoughts on “Walrus Gathering In Alaska

  1. One point I thought should be good to add to this discussion is the fact that this year’s Ice in the Arctic reached its highest level on Mar. 21, 2014, and it was the 5th highest on record!


    So, again, when you hear all the Baloney Sauce about “The ice is melting” just pay no attention to those “Chicken Littles”.

    • It wasn’t really a “Flash in the pan” type thing, it was just interesting to see that the Walrus gathering happened, and immediately – the “Global Warming Alrmists” started using it to spread their FUD. They didn’t even wait, in other words, for Animal Scientists, or Zoologists, or anybody else to comment on why the Walruses were gathering in such numbers on a deserted and isolated beach. I mean, it was just some huge Walrus party in reality, something they do every couple years, this year for the first time, we were fortunate enough to have a camera in the right place at the right time to catch it is all. And they simply hijacked it and tried to use it as “Evidence” for HCGW. Sad, just sad. In fact evil if you think about it.

  2. Other points worth noting in this discussion include the fact that Antarctic ice this past year were at record levels (highest extent on record) and they surpassed last year which were also the greatest on record. Head over to the National Snow and Ice Data Center to check these things out!


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