Is It News Or Propaganda?


I’ve seen so much “News” go by on Google News lately that is nothing more than propaganda.

Two cases in point:

1. This article –

Details the author’s “Views” and opinions about guns and gun control, rather than concentrating on the tragedy of the accidental shooting death of the instructor by a 9 year old girl.  Regardless of your opinions, nothing illegal was done at the shooting range.  Accidents happen, and whether due to poor judgement on the part of the instructor or the parents or both possibly in this case, it is simply a tragic accident.

2. Another article –

Supposedly details how the GOP is “Old-fashioned” on their views about women.  This is, naturally due to their “Pro-life” (anti-death) position and nothing more.  Anyone who doesn’t support the author’s (and radical pro-death feminists and democrats) is obviously old-fashioned and “Out of touch” in that author’s opinions.  I’m here to tell you there is nothing old-fashioned or quaint or whatever about being pro-life.  Abortion, like gay marriage and a few other issues in our modern world, are not “Social” issues, they are MORAL issues.  As soon as you forget that, or get deceived by the rhetoric of the left, you are doomed to be subject to their brand of morality bashing brainwashing for the rest of your life.

If you want to understand how modern liberals think, I suggest Evan Sayet’s wonderful talk he gave at the Heritage Foundation:

The video on that is also available, though not in HD:


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