Ignorance Is – Death?


Reply to an atheist who was arguing on (of all subjects) so-called “Rights” to gay marriage: Ignorance is bliss. However, in the off-handed case you someday grow up and learn what’s real, and what is not, let me first pose the question to you: What is a “Right”? Does it simply derive out of thin air? You better go back and check our founding documents on that one. When you do, you’ll find that rights are “God given”.

When you cogitate on that for a bit, then you can consider the following: “Does God exist?” Think hard, because your whole life depends on it. In fact, where you spend eternity depends on your answer to that question. Now, many like you have claimed there is no God, He cannot possibly exist, I can’t perceive Him anywhere. Better think again on that one, the evidence is all around you and you are without excuse (Romans 1).

That’s what we call “Natural revelation” the fact that God is revealed in creation. Oh – an evolutionary thinker, eh? Then answer this question: “Will the Universe end?” One would think that if evolution were true, and by some sort of miraculous happenstance that the Universe sprang into existence from nothingness, then there would be no possible way it would end. How could it? On the other hand, how did something come from nothing? Oh, never thought it through quite that far, eh?

Alright, let’s get back to basics. I can’t “See” God, therefore He doesn’t exist. Let me ask you then, can you see gravity? Can you see magnetism? No, neither one, right? You can only see the effects of them. I rest my case. You can easily see the effects of a just and merciful God in this world, if you choose to not ignore them that is. But, you must open your eyes and be willing to see, possibly for the first time in your life the truth. All else depends on that truth, our rights, our institutions, our laws, goodness as well as evil.

None of those are abstract concepts arrived at by zillions of billiard balls bouncing around in space and randomly coming up with notions that transcend the mere fact of our existence. No, those are concepts and ideas handed down to us from our good and gracious creator God. Have a nice day, I pray you meet Jesus some day. He’s much more patient than I am. I know because I used to be just like you!


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