Can Morality Be Legislated?


A picture was posted by the Heritage Foundation on Facebook that said:

“Men cannot be made good by the State, but they can easily be made bad. Morality depends on liberty.”

– Lord Acton

The Heritage Foundation poster applied this at the bottom: “You can’t legislate morality!”

My response:

Um, I would disagree to a point. All our laws, at least most of the ones that are regarding the criminal code, are about morality. Murder is wrong, because it’s morally unjust to shed innocent blood (take the life needlessly of another human being). Many moral issues in our society have been transformed into so-called “Rights” issues (or Social issues) and those include abortion, and homosexual marriage.

At the core of those issues, they are still about morality, in spite of all the rhetoric and “Window dressing” on them which is used to cover up (obfuscate) the underlying issue. At the bottom of abortion is murder of an unborn human being. At the bottom of homosexual “Marriage” is the moral principle that homosexuality is a form of deviancy from the norm.

I would argue further that homosexuality is a denial of basic biology (Science). Thus, at the end of the day, we can and should legislate morality, because not only does our Bible and our God want us to, but also because to deviate from morality is to invite all kinds of evil to become accepted as “Normal.”


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