Governor Apologizes For Gun Control Measures In Colorado

Article on FOXNews:

My comments:

This is a disturbing trend in the democratic party. First, you blame someone else. Then you make a half-way apology, then when that fails, you scream at the other side and say “You’re being mean to me you (racist, bigot, meanie, homophobe, choose your name here) ______ bad person you!”

The fact that the dems took over CO before my wife and I got out of there is not a good thing. The fact that school shootings continue is not good either, but we haven’t done our diligence for our children’s sake. The root cause of these shootings is not guns, so gun-control does nothing. The root cause are children that are disaffected by the “System” because they see nothing good in it.

Truly, they are correct. When we took God out of our schools, we took out the only solid foundation for morality that exists. What happens when you put kids in an environment where there are “Cool” kids and “Geeks” and everything in between, but no place for them to identify with? What if their particular bent happens to be truly moral? Can you tell me by looking at our schools or our entertainment industry that they find such in existence anymore? Parents aren’t doing their job of raising their kids in a moral fashion either.

The problem is obviously our entire culture. Why else would our President be considered so lame by 60% of the population and Congress ineffective by over 80%? We are falling and we may not get up.



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