Can There Still Be Dialog?

Article in yesterday’s Washington Post:

My comments:

What you must understand is that since relativism is the philosophy of the day, those who are “Right” (more right than everyone else) are required to be more violent. He who has the biggest stick wins the argument and their “Truth” wins out. This is the hidden fault in Secular Humanism, in that since everyone’s truth is “Ideologically” equal, those who are most violent will see their version of “Truth” (whatever it is they believe) put at the forefront of everyone else’s – making other people’s beliefs irrelevant.

This is nothing new. The NAZI’s were expert at it as have been all dominant civilizations since the dawn of man.

Barbara Tuchman wrote, in _The March of Folly_:

“…’virtue without power… will only be mocked’ … It is the persuasive argument of realpolitik, which, as history has often demonstrated, has a corollary: that the process of gaining power employs means that degrade or brutalize the seeker, who wakes to find that power has been possessed at the price of virtue – or moral purpose – lost.”

That woman had a real way with words!



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