Hermosa Oil Drilling

We live just to the north of the small town of Hermosa Beach. That town is roughly about 4sq. miles of houses, with a thin corridor running both north-south (Pacific Coast Hwy) and Pier Ave. / Aviation Blvd. (running east-west roughly) where there are various commercial establishments. The town is hurting for income, probably mostly due to mismanagement and overpaid city employees like the rest of SoCal. But they have no large sources of revenue in that town, due to the fact there are no very large businesses. In fact, the largest single piece of commercial real estate is owned by Hope Chapel if you can believe that.

But, there’s been a proposal on the table now from a company known as E&B Natural Resources to drill for oil from the city’s yard, located near 6th and Valley Dr. The residents of Hermosa have a long lineage of surfers, hippies and counter-culture types who are mainly liberal (of course) and mostly not interested in supporting this type of project in their community. I submit to you that their unwillingness to have oil drilling in their backyard is irrational. Here’s why.

We’re sitting on top of 80B barrels of oil here in CA too that we can’t get out of the ground because of the environmentalists. Just look at the stink the folks in Hermosa have raised over one silly oil well, that’s going to use directional drilling to drill out under the Continental Shelf. That’s like 5,000% safer than building an offshore drilling platform, and yet they scream their slogan from every other house: “Keep Hermosa hermosa!” Hypocrites.

There’s about 50,000 cars in Hermosa Beach, you can tell, just try finding a parking place, right? And, like Manhattan Beach, many of those are so-called “Clean” cars (hybrids, electrics, etc..). But, you know what? Those cars are even worse on the environment than those that burn gasoline. Production of Li-ion batteries for those cars is one of the most environmentally toxic and unfriendly processes known to man. The Li is mined and smelted in China (mostly) where they do the smelting process (involving lots of toxic acids) right on the surface of the ground in large open pits. They leave these toxic waste dumps out there in the open, because it’s China and nobody cares what happens over there.

Hermosa’s slogan (like all the environmentalists in the United States) should be: “Not in my backyard!” Because all they’ve done is protect their little slice of the earth and moved all the problems some place else. That’s what Sarah Palin meant when she said “Drill baby, drill!” But the average liberal doesn’t think these things through well enough to be able to figure that out.



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