Is Liberty Dead?

One of my FaceBook friends posted a link to Dinesh D’Souza’s book this morning:

America – Imagine a World Without Her?

My response was rather long-winded (as usual):

That’s really the bottom line isn’t it. They’re trying to “Fundamentally change” America by changing history, by taking us from an “Exceptional” nation that has always stood for “Faith, family and freedom” to an “Imperialist” nation that has always stood for something else (I guess the opposites of what we really stand for). Only a fool would say we’ve never made mistakes in our foreign policy, and obviously there have been many, but it would be even more foolish to say that America, the United States has not done a lot of good in this world.

In order to undermine the support for the idea of “Exceptional America” they have had to take over the education system and rig it with “Socialist apologists” who continue to tear down our country and spread their lies amongst those most vulnerable: Our children. The attacks have been coordinated (there was a plan) and well orchestrated (lots of money and support behind their ideas).

If you “Follow the money” as is always done in criminal investigations, you will find, of course, that those who seek to undermine this country are those who want to achieve control over the masses for their own personal gains. There are those, who operate from behind the scenes, consider themselves to be “Puppet masters” or some such, and push and pull levers and strings all over the place in order to effect change that benefits them and their power and lifestyles.

These are men such as Warren Buffet, George Soros and others like them who are avid, perhaps even rabid supporters of this current President and his failing domestic and foreign policies. They are the ones who have influenced the Federal Reserve to continue pumping $Billions$ each month into the US economy, all the while padding their nests with the profits from the stock market as the markets head ever higher in what may come to be known as one of the worst bubbles ever.

There’s absolutely no reason for the market to be advancing these last couple years, it only continues its upward march fueled by speculation and greed. They have also, against all common sense, kept us dependent on foreign oil which is both harmful to our economy and at the same time dangerous to our National Security. It’s 100% IRRATIONAL to continue spending $50-$80B per month to bring in stuff that we simply BURN UP in our cars! It’s absolutely and completely unthinkable that anybody in this country believes or can say that is a good policy!

But they continue to do so, and they’ve convinced millions of voters that is the case (people are so gullible!). They use government organizations like the IRS and the EPA as brownshirts to keep us in line. They cowed the church back in the 1960’s to keep silent on politics from the pulpit with the threat of loss of IRS Tax exempt status.

If that’s not a revocation of the first amendment, I don’t know what is! That should never have been allowed, and it should never have been stood for! If your faith doesn’t make a difference in who you vote for, then I don’t know ANYTHING! What you believe MATTERS! It matters absolutely! It’s the FIRST thing for most of us Christians, and I would have to believe that it’s first for anyone who claims to have any kind of faith whatsoever.

OK, soapbox off.



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