Sacramento – Not Open To Business

In response to a post by a friend on Facebook about Tesla seeking to locate manufacturing facilities in other states besides CA, I wrote the following:

My mother was born and raised in Hollywood. She always said it was the “Land of fruits and nuts.” She may have been referring to the entire state. We have a very interesting dynamic going on here now, what with “Gentrification” of various cities happening (not just SF) and then there’s the probably 4-5M illegal immigrants here, as well as those who are violently arguing for portions of CA to secede, or break up , or whatever.

The business climate here is very much NOT business friendly, we predicted Toyota would leave, and there are many other businesses doing the same. The only ones who can afford to do business are the Googles, the Apples, and the Oracles who not only have tradition on their side, but they’re making money handover fist thanks to the QE policies of our Fed. Govt.

The stock market bubble will burst (has to) and things will come tumbling down. CA will be one of the hardest hit places, unfortunately, there’s too much money and power centered around the entertainment business as well as the high-tech segment of the market. But as you see, businesses are wising up and leaving, or locating manufacturing elsewhere. They must! There are simply too many rules and hoops to jump thru in order to try and satisfy the lousy politicians in Sacramento.

BTW, those of us who are conservative aren’t necessarily opposed to protecting the environment, and other often thought “Liberal” causes, we just don’t make those top priority. We believe in being MORAL first, and supporting people over the top of everything else. Not Unions, not the environment, and definitely not a bunch of whacked out folks who think that having sex with someone of the same sex entitles them to call it “Marriage.” Those folks even advocate that they have somehow _more_ rights than ordinary people, because we’re discriminating against them or some such nonsense. Hooey! They can do whatever they like in the privacy of their bedrooms, but don’t ever try to tell me it’s NORMAL!



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