That Jew Died For You

The organization Jews For Jesus has created a wonderful short film with the same title as this post.

Here’s a comment I made:

I watched the movie, and see it addressing a need. Folks want to know why the Holocaust happened. I’ve been studying it myself for some time now. I’ve studied history most of my life, but was spurred to study deeper by a wonderful historian named Barbara Tuchman. Her writing is wonderful and engaging.

I started to study further back than just WWII which had been my passion since I was a child. I started to read about major events in modern history that centered on Antisemitism. Take the Dreyfus Affair in France. That single event split France in two, much like the United States is today. They were so polarized, they fought in the streets, and many died over the unjust Court Martial and sentencing of a Jewish Artillery Officer who was accused of spying – for Germany!

But then, the Jews in Europe realized that the time had come. The Dreyfus Affair led directly to the First Zionist Congress in 1897 at the Hague. It was the first time the Jews had gotten together in over 1800 years! That event then led directly to the formation of the State of Israel in 1947. It’s clear that evil has been working overtime since that time to try and destroy the Jews, to prevent the close of history.

So these events when seen in light of both “Spiritual” (Eschatological) and historical evidence, can only be interpreted as the Lord Himself bringing the Jews home to their Biblical homeland and preparing for the second coming of our Lord. Remember Jesus’ final worlds in Revelation 22: “Surely I am coming soon.” Shalom.




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