Fasting and Fleas

Our friends John and Nancy have been on vacation, so they canceled morning prayer at our church since technically – it’s John and Nancy’s Ministry. My wife and some others from our mini-church decided that wasn’t right, so they’ve been up there praying anyway. After all, we are in a time of “Prayer and fasting.” Day 6 of our fast, Cheryl called me “Satan” yesterday because I offered her some of my coffee, and even offered to make her a “Mocha.” She’s not having coffee or chocolate with her fast you see. =) Then, she had a meltdown again last night while making dinner because I ate – the mushrooms in the refrigerator – the night before when I had a salad.

She apologized and I assured her that I could easily forgive her 490 times a day. After all, she puts up with me and my stuff. I have several meltdowns a day usually as well. Yesterday for me it was the darned cats. I’ve been cleaning the house every day you see, running the vacuum, shaking out rugs, getting rid of clutter, since we have been infested with fleas. So we’ve declared WAR on those pesky little annoyances!

Then, yesterday morning, one of the cats went into the bathroom and peed right on the carpet next to the litter box. I didn’t know which it was, so they both got their noses rubbed in it and thrown in their kennels for the morning. Animals can be so frustrating sometimes! We had to treat them both and our dog for fleas finally this week because our dog and our older cat have flea allergy really bad (they get horrible dermatitis) and the fleas are just terrible for some reason this year. When we lived in CO, we had no fleas, they can’t really survive the winters there, so our older animals never developed any resistance to fleas apparently.

Our dog has the classic “hot spots” on his rear, and the cat has scabs all on his neck and under his chin and such from scratching so hard. Poor beasts! They are healing now, after we treated them last Sunday, and the fleas are just about gone now. Cheryl was beginning to be bitten several times a day (they love her!). They never bite me, well, almost never. But, in order to protect my wife, I had to declare war on the pesky little insects, and do everything possible to rid our house of them. It’s hard to have a Bible study or anything like that with fleas in the house.




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